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While the coverage of Olympics in the US has been critically panned and the Australian coverage has had some interesting feedback from social media users:

At least is hasn’t caused the backlash of the BBC coverage.  Trying to keep cool in the hot Rio climate BBC presenter Helen Skelton decided to wear a black playsuit.  While the athletes did their best to wow the audiences it was the outfit that got the most attention online.

What does it say about the coverage if everyone is watching what the presenters wear? Or is this just a case of some people on the internet trying to start controversy where there isn’t any?

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  1. Great outfit, the Brits have no idea how hot it gets in the tropics. Great legs leave her alone, except for a few weeks in winter I wear shorts all year. Get a life, muggings and violence in Rio are more news worthy than a reporter dressed very smart but trying to keep cool.

  2. Oh leave her alone. She has nice legs. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Plenty of athletes wearing less, and we understand it’s hot over there. Do we live in Victorian times? It’s more of a cover up than the original Olympians used to wear!

  3. I thought people were watching the swimming not a presenters legs. If i had legs like that i would wear an outfit like that as well.She looks stylish and cool. Good on her.

  4. If the samba dancers can show naked bottoms during the opening, why not legs oh dear what next? The human body Is beautiful!

  5. The Knockers should be careful if venturing near the Beach Volley Ball ! ! could end up in Hospital….. You Idiots get a life !

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  7. I used to wear dresses/skirts in the 1970’s it was very fashionable. There’s nothing wrong with it. You who are moaning must be jealous of her lovely figure

  8. She looks great and is entitled to be comfortable. The knockers need to focus on something important.

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