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Do you struggle to get streak-free windows? We find this to be one of the trickiest surfaces to clean in our house and car. There are heaps of products out there that advertise they clean windows, such as ‘streak free’ sprays, microfibre cloths and squeegees but they don’t do the trick. These products can get messy and they still leave streaks that appear when in certain lighting.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. There are an easier and cheaper ways to get a streak free window. Some of our Starts at 60 community have suggested this solution and it only involves three items that will clean the windows in one go.

No mess. No fuss.


  • Old newspaper (the paper absorbs the water and acts as an abrasive)
  • Vinegar
  • Water


  1. In a small bowl mix the vinegar and water together
  2. Dip the newspaper into the liquid
  3. Wipe the glass in a circular pattern
  4. Use a dry piece of newspaper to absorb the remaining liquid.

This will leave your windows brights and streak free.

Have you tried this method? Do you have a tip for cleaning windows?

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  1. But it has to be either old newspapers OR a Company that isn’t so “upmarket” – the ink can case streaks using the current newspapers

  2. Nope. Tried it years ago. Certainly didn’t work for me. Mr Sheen works a treat. And no I don’t work for the company ha ha.

  3. Panel beater mate of mine uses water and neswpaper or vinegar straight and news paper if there is a lot of gunk on the glass.

    Of course the old method for a demisting cloth is soak a cloth in soapy water, wring it out and let it dry. Put it in a bag and use it dry on the inside of the fogged windows. B|

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  4. No quantities of vinegar to water in article……not helpful !!

    1 REPLY
    • It doesnt reallly matter, a bucket of water and a cup of vinegar will do the trck – good for your floors and bathroom too 🙂

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