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You would have noticed that when you throw raw pasta into boiling water, there is a form of sizzling froth that appears. We decided to research the scientific answer for that pasta fizz (and it will help you prevent accidents in the kitchen).

Pasta is made of flour, water and egg, the protein and starch from these ingredients are stored within the pasta. When you put it into boiling water, the starch absorbs the water until it bursts. This reaction is seen in the form of froth and is actually the starch molecules being expelled into the water.

Large amounts of starch are often what also causes your pot to over boil. The starch makes the boiling bubbles more stretchy and pliable, so it’s harder for them to burst. This layer of bubbles trap the heat under the surface and prevents proper ventilation if the pot is not stirred.

One handy little tip to stop your water boiling over is to place a wooden spoon across the pot. The spoon will pop the bubbles and help properly ventilate the water.

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  1. Splash of oil in the water – works every time (I know, because sometimes I forget and have to add it just before the froth spills over!)

  2. I have been doing this for many years, I was shown this trick by an Italian friend and always use it.

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