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There is to be a crackdown on the sale of “deadly” milk, which is being sold as “bath milk” by suppliers who claim their customers use it on their skin rather than drinking it.

Raw milk has been linked to at least on child’s death and four cases of serious illness in Victoria last year.

However, those who buy this “bath milk”, sometimes called “Cleopatra’s milk” say it is vastly better for you that the milk you can buy in the shops, and can can allergies and eczema. But they’re not putting it on their skin, they’re drinking it.

The milk in question is raw, meaning it has not been heat treated to kill bacteria, or homogenised. All milk  sold for human consumption must be heat treated to 72 degrees for at least 15 seconds.

Another process for the vast majority of milk sold in Australia is homogenisation, where the milk is passed through ultra-fine sieves the break down the fat molecules. This spreads the fat evenly though the milk, which is why we no longer get the cream floating to the top.

Raw milk is not homogenised, so you do get that cream-top.

Raw-milk drinkers say it is easier to digest – even for those who are lactose intolerant, as it contains more enzymes. They also say it is full of good bacteria. Some studies have backed up the claims about raw milk being linked to lower asthma and allergy rates.

But the bacteria is the sticking point. Unless handled properly, raw milk can easily become a breeding ground for salmonella, listeria, E.coli and TB – bacteria that cause serious and sometimes fatal illness.

Raw milk is banned in the US, UK and here in Australia, however some farmers get around this by selling it as beauty milk.

In an announcement yesterday, a working group will now investigate ways to stop the consumption of raw milk being marketed as bath milk.

Those of us who grew up on a farm will remember the added sweetness and creaminess of milk fresh from the cow. And it doesn’t seem so long ago that all milk came with a cream top. Do you think people should be allowed to drink raw milk if they want to?

Tell us, do you think raw milk should be banned? Which kind of milk do you drink? 

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  1. I personally would not drink it, it is not worth the risk and yes it probably should be banned, there will always be people who don’t read the labels and buy it to consume

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    • And more people should buy it, they would be healthier, all this processing kills all the nutrients we all need.

    • I am city born and bred I have never had milk straight from a cow, you don’t find many cows in the city

    • What a shame, your missing out on some good wholesome nutrients. I really had to laugh when I heard what its been called in Australia. I think the big supermarkets are putting pressure on government.

  2. I have heard too many bad things associated drinking this milk, but when I milked our own cow it did taste good

  3. Let them drink it if they want, this is natural selection at work.

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    • In that case Matt, natural selection decided all your ancestors should live to procreate – and here you are – and so am I – and so is everybody else replying to this facebook page.

    • I’m not targeting anyone! If people choose to ignore the risk, so be it. You cannot save people from their own folly.

    • Sorry? Haven’t the parents chosen to feed the child unprocessed milk? Correct, the child may have no choice, the parents certainly do and sadly sometimes ignore the risks. Such parents should be prosecuted if a child is harmed in the process.

  4. I grew up on a farm. That is all we had! I have always had good health.

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    • I am no expert but do you think on your farm the milk was fresher? you drank it same day..this milk has been bottled

    • No Rozzy Battles here in NZ you buy the empty bottle and fill it yourself straight from the farm, lovely and fresh, I’ve even been there when they are milking the cow’s

    • So did I and came from a large family who have lived to great ages! Nothing tastes like real milk. Each person to his own.

  5. I grew up on a farm and my mother always heated the milk, skimmed off the cream to make butter, then heated it to some more for drinking. Cows are not all that clean and all sorts of stuff ends up in with the milk, so if you want to drink it fine but don’t give it to your kids.

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    • I have never even seen a cow up close ..oh maybe I did at the show, so I just stick to normal store bought milk

  6. When I was young we had a cow. her name was Trixie and we loved her milk. Our milkman came round on his horse and cart and we took our “billy” out and he bailed the milk out of a big milk churn. We then went to glass bottles and the milk certainly didn’t have all the preservatives and didn’t have all the goodness taken out. Milk straight from the cow was very nice and did us no harm. I wish do-Gooders would leave things be.

  7. Think that many of us grew up used to drinking real fresh milk. I am of the opinion that exposure builds up our immune system and so some of us do ok with it. Leave it as it is.

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