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Removing a boiled egg from its shells can be somewhat of a nightmare if not cooked properly. You could be sitting there for ages trying to get all the little flecks of shell off, frustrating even the most patient of people.

This little video shows a quick and easy way to quickly peel your boiled eggs, meaning that you can get on with the things you actually need to be doing.

Simply put a boiled egg in a glass with cool water. Place your hand over the top and shake vigorously for ten seconds.

Voila! Your egg should now easily peel away from the shell.

Check it out below.


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  1. I place them in cold water after boiling then roll on bench top to crack shells then run a teaspoon around egg under the shell works a treat

  2. Works well. Now do this all the time. But use a small jar with lid. Makes less mess, with me spraying water everywhere when I shake the glass

  3. It may sound picky but there is no such thing as peeling eggs it’s always been called shelling eggs ,correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 enjoy your eggs and a Merry Christmas

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    • mmmm I’ve never heard of shelling eggs. For nearly 70 yrs I and my family have said peel the eggs. But it really doesn’t matter what we call it, as long as the shells are removed. 🙂

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