The Australian fashion brand over-60s have been waiting for

Over-60s style is unique and full of character; it’s a personal look which has developed over the years. Imagine those

Over-60s style is unique and full of character; it’s a personal look which has developed over the years. Imagine those crazy ’60s looks we successfully pulled off those days, the ’70s fashions that filled our closets, followed by the ’80s and ’90s trends.

When it comes to fashion and style, we’ve seen it all and experienced it all. We are still stylish and we still have that same good taste; we just couldn’t find anything that suited our lifestyle and personal style.

That’s exactly how Australian designer Fella Hamilton felt before she started her own fashion label 47 years ago.

Fella Hamilton with models wearing her designs.
Fella Hamilton with models wearing her designs.

Fella was in her 40s when one day at the sauna she saw a woman wearing a terry toweling turban and thought it was a great product but could not find one locally. So she decided to make her own terry toweling turban and that one turban grew into a range that she presented to stores on a wholesale basis. The year 1969 marked the birth of the Fella Hamilton brand and the rest is history.

Fella Hamilton at work.
Fella Hamilton when she first started.

Fella is now retired, but her her son David and his wife Sharon are carrying on her original dream: creating fashionable items for mature women. The company is now a chain of 16 stores in Victoria, 9 in NSW and 1 in ACT – plus an online shopping website that showcases the current ranges. Forty-seven years into the future, Fella Hamilton’s label, which is still family owned, now caters to the over-60s community.

Over-60s shoppers have been waiting for clothes that aren’t just stylish, but also practical. It has to be the perfect balance between style, practicality and elegance. One look at Fella Hamilton’s summer collection tells us they’ve designed these pieces with the over-60 shopper in mind, produced to a high-quality standard. Yes, we love beautiful clothes but we also consider things like arm coverage, the cut and how the fabric flatters our bodies and luckily, Fella gets it.

Despite the trying times in the Australian fashion industry, where many top designers have closed their doors or even opted to produce their outfits overseas to cut costs, Fella Hamilton is one of the very few Aussie labels still designing and producing their products locally. This Australian label produces 50% of their garments from their Melbourne headquarters and factory, shipping to Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

Fella Hamilton’s 2016 summer collection

Many garments are manufactured locally and often use European fabrics including Liberty London cotton prints.

Sheer shirts and cardigans

These are perfect for layering over sleeveless tops and dresses during summer. Click on the image for more info or to shop.


Cropped pants

Cropped pants are great for over-60s as they are practical and stylish at the same time. These pieces are well-made at the highest quality. Click on the image for more info or to shop.

Cropped pants are practical and stylish and suits all sorts of activities. Those who play social golf will appreciate cropped pants, too.

Flattering angel wing tops

When the weather gets too hot, tops with billowing sleeves will let your skin breathe. Click on the image for more info or to shop.

Fella Hamilton batwing tops

Dressy outfits

If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous these are just some of the outfits available online. Fella Hamilton also offers beautiful dressesstylish jackets and coats, classy accessories and also high quality basics for over-60s. Click on the image for more info or to shop.

fella hamilton dressy outfits

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What do you think of Fella Hamilton’s new over-60 range? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Jan fitzgerald  

    Not a whole lot different from Miller’s and a least twice the price. Ill keep my money .

  2. A tad expensive when you only have the pension and would like to have one or two outfits in your wardrobe.

  3. Carmel  

    I agree with the prior comments, being a pensioner I couldn’t afford them .

  4. Grace Boland  

    Range looks lovely — Millers have the same look /quality. Half the price.

  5. Rosanne Newton  

    I find all the tops too short and the pants also.

    • Have never heard of her, but then I live in Perth, Western Australia. Have seen the same stuff in the Innovations Catalogue, too expensive, thank goodness for Millers, Big W and Target.

  6. Sue Bisiach  

    More adverts startsat60? That’s why I left the Mamamia site.

  7. If its for the over 60’s then perhaps the models should reflect this. I find it difficult to believe that they are over 60? Perhaps i am wrong. Quite over priced too.

    • joanna galea  

      I agree with you Heather. The cloths will always look good on a good figure,maybe they should advertise them on a real over 60 women.Maybe with a bit of tummy you know what I mean? Other then that this site is getting like all the others. Is it really a site for us(over 0)>

  8. Josephine B  

    I agree with all the above comments. When will these companies really think of us the “seniors” of this world that DON’T have the money to purchase expensive things and do themselves a favour to REALLY cater to our needs by NOT charging like a “wounded bull”. We want to look nice when we go out just the same as people that possibly have the money to do so. Just as well there is the one store that realizes this and likes to keep the nice designs and good prices for us seniors so that we can “feel good about ourselves” and that store is “MILLERS”. Thank God someone thinks of us with our meager “penny purses” so that we CAN look just as nice as these garments portray on “under 60’s” women.

    • lorraine  

      people are saying ‘too expensive’ How do they know. I have clicked here there and everywhere and have yet to see a price.

    • Kathy S  

      Click on the “shop now” tab. The prices have been reduced but they are still quite expensive.

  9. Anna-Maria O'Neill  

    I would not wear any of the clothes displayed abovw,- my mother in law looks good in those type of clothes she is 88.

  10. Dianne Evans  

    Very young looking over 60 group of women!

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