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A supermarket chain has taken the unusual step of telling the truth about those frantic, stressful and crazy-making days leading up to Christmas Day.

In its new ad campaign, released over the weekend, Aldi has had a bit of fun with its advertising, doing the unthinkable and acknowledging the pain of Christmas shopping and all the other jobs that come with the silly season.

And yes, it even shows the frantic trolley dash at the supermarket on Christmas eve!

See the ad here and tell us, have you ever felt this way at Christmas time?

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  1. The concept is great … But it’s just a commercial venture these days and a time of great distress for broken families and lonely people. People buy unwanted and unwelcome gifts just for the sake of presenting one under social norms.

  2. Love having xmas tree and ornaments I’ve collected from around the world, and the outdoor lights for the children to come and see. Not a fan of everyone buying each other gifts they don’t really want though.

  3. Love Christmas. The decorated tree, carols, church, lunch and unwrapping pressures. I’m am old lady with a kids enjoyment

  4. Used to love Christmas but not any more. Kids divorced, new partners, extra children, life is very different now. No-one knows who to see or where to go in case they offend mum or dad. What a nightmare each Christmas is.

  5. I was just thinking the other day that we still have weeks to Christmas, I’ve finished 90% of my present buying and the first time in 26 years Christmas lunch and dinner won’t be at our house BUT I’m still feeling pressured like I need to rush around doing things. Why?

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