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A seven-year-old boy demanded his mother get the Prime Minister on the phone so he could tell him something very important. Not having the Tony Abbott’s private line at hand, Hannah Powell recorded Zen’s message and has posted it on YouTube.

Ms Powell says her son’s sudden desire to speak boy-to-man with Mr Abbott was unexpected.

“My son was supposed to be in bed, but came bursting through our door exclaiming that he had a message for Tony Abbott,” she writes on You Tube. “He wanted me to call the PM to share his ideas, however I don’t happen to have the PM’s phone number handy. I did offer to record his thoughts and put it out to the universe in the hopes that it reaches him.”

The seven-year-old told the Prime Minister to “stop chopping down trees” in order for “everyone to survive” the next thousand years.

“If you don’t stop making stupid things now, like houses and taking over the Earth, well, we’ll survive,” says Zen.

He tells Mr Abbott that if we don’t stop cutting down trees there won’t be any food and “well, we won’t live and we’ll end up looking like The City of Ember”, in reference to a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel of the same name.

“And if you stop being selfish, too, and thinking of yourself, then you might survive as well and people might stop telling you to leave the Earth. And if you don’t stop, then none of us will survive and nothing will be here anymore.”

The passionate youngster closes by saying, “My name is Zen, and I’m just warning you, because, you won’t like it if we continue to the future in a thousand years and nothing is here. So we probably won’t survive if you keep doing this but if you stop we can probably continue the Earth.”

What do you think of Zen’s message, and do you think the Prime Minister should respond to his concerns? 

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  1. How about a public apology for your previous post, first, Starts at 60!

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  2. Wouldn’t be a set-up. Would it?

    7 REPLY
    • Not a set up I shouldn’t think small children absorb and understand a lot more than they often are given credit for. Their passion about things can often be fleeting but are very real in that moment.

    • why does a child go to school, and at the end of day, the child calls the prime minister Mr Rabbit? some told the child , who? adult? ( I Drive a school bus, kids re smart, they are also Radicalized, indoctrinated by someone, if never tell you the earth is round , you will never know.)

    • By the time kids these days are 7 they are learning a lot at school about our world & the environment, my grandchildren could teach me a thing or two, I think this little fellow has a great understand of what’s going on, I think it’s a good thing that kids are growing up these days with such a great understand of our earth,hopefully they won’t mess it up as much as we have.

    • Preschoolers see these programs about preserving nature on ABC kids. My 3yr old grandson can tell you about rubbish under the sea (Octonauts) or rubbish in the rivers (Sesame St) Who hasn’t read Dr Seuss The Lorax or seen the movie. Have you no idea of the questions a kid / grandkid asks? Who can fix this. I’d soon say “Mr Rabbit but he won’t. He doesn’t believe in science”

  3. Little darling. Such a burden for a little fellow,not being able to go to sleep worrying about the state of the Earth. If only Abbott would hear this! I loved when he said and if you stop being selfish….then people might stop telling you to leave the Earth! Out of the mouths of babes.

  4. Sad that we have seven year olds being worried by Govt policy. Shows how the little ones are influenced by the fear and loathing agenda that permeates right through our lives. He did very well in expressing his concerns.

  5. out of the mouth of babes, Global warming does worry children, it will be their children and Grandchildren who will see the result of inaction and perhaps even them in their life times

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  6. what a sweet little boy, it is shocking to think that he should be worried at that age, we are lagging behind the world in everything and our children will suffer

  7. Why should the PM listen to what this kid has to say? He won’t listen to anybody else in the electorate… 🙁

  8. Seems very odd for a seven year old to say that. I say “set up”

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    • ABC kids programs like Octonauts for pre schoolers When the Octonauts deploy a new undersea medical station designed to keep the reef clean and healthy, they discover a problem that threatens the reef …My three year old grandson can tell you about rubbish under the sea. Sesame Street is a strong clean and green program.

    • He was being told what to say by someone behind the opening he was talking out of,if it was true he would be in an open space.

    • If you listen to the child, he is not mentioning fossil fuels, which an adult would do, he is worried about chopping down trees and building sounds to me something that a child would say

    • Funny how suddenly she had a camera or phone or whatever handy so she could record what he said. I wonder out of all the people who have read this would’ve thought to do what she did

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      • His Mother offered to record it for him as she could not ring the Prime Minister, that is why she has a phone in her hand, as written above the clip.

    • Had a phone handy ? Had a phone handy? Phones are attached to the hands of parents and grandparents these days.My grandkids parents continually snap their phones out like magicians. Then compare to see who has the winning shot.

  9. why do people keep putting of the results of climate change into the far future the chances of a 7 year old being able to live out his lifespan unaffected by catastrophic events is minimal the permafrostis melting take your heads out of the sand

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