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One of the stereotypical things we do as women is love chocolate. Another stereotypical thing we do as women is care a little too much about our appearance. So what if there was something that could put our love of chocolate and our care for our appearance together?

Well, thanks to Cambridge University scientists there is! Meet Esthechoc. It is the world’s first “beauty chocolate” and promises to smooth out wrinkles, increase blood flow and help the skin look radiant.

The first thing I thought was “a moment on the lips means a lifetime on the hips” (thanks mother dearest!) but then I read on… It apparently has only 38 calories per bar and you’re only meant to eat one per day for three weeks to see results. The minimum recommended caloric intake is around 1,200 calories so it doesn’t seem like the weight problem is even a question!

The chocolate bar is apparently 72% cocoa and the rich antioxidants is what gives it such a positive effect on the body. According to the Daily Mail the amazing Esthechoc will be unveiled at the Global Food Innovation Summit in London in March.

We’ll wait to try it to believe it but hey, we’re going to hope it’s true!

Tell us, would you try this to improve your appearance? 

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  1. What? You want me to now eat the forbidden to get rid of all those wonderful character lines I have accumulated over the years. Oh please, give me a break. That is like telling me that if I eat a wedge of chockie I will also get rid of those lovely love handles I have been cultivating. Life has just taken a turn for the worst.

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