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Who said we need to worry about a warming planet? Just days after the Australian government announced what experts are calling a woefully inadequate carbon emissions target to stop the globe from getting dangerously warm, Mother Nature goes out of her way to make a point.

Our capital has seen the heaviest dusting of snow its received since 2006, with snowflakes drifting right into the heart of town, and falling just outside Parliament House.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s ACT office says temperatures dropped to about two degrees today, with the cold snap also felt in Orange and the Blue Mountains.

The original predictions were for snow down to around 1000m, so today’s dump took many by surprise.

It was a dreary drizzly day in Canberra, but Weatherzone meteorologist Anthony Duke confirmed the dusting was “definitely snow”, which he suspected was lightly falling in areas at a higher ground.

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  1. For gods sakes it NOT. Global warming. It’s climate change. The language makes a difference.

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    • Some people clearly do not understand the difference between ‘climate’ and ‘weather’.

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      • You got that in one, Julia.
        BTW, did you hear ‘Our Glorious Leader’ talking to Michael Brissenden this morning, telling him that pollution from Australian coal is better than coal from India or China?!
        Defending the indefensible…

  2. Global warming cause climate change, which caused extemes of heat AND cold.

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    • Climate change is not driven by any global warming. Climate change is a normal function of variations in the earth’s conditions and the sun’s. It is indelibly recorded in the geological record of the earth going back as far as you care to look and certainly many millions of years before the advent of humans. The debatable result of human intervention is the speed of that change which may or may not be affected.

    • Where do you get extremes from? It is winter—-you get snow!! No global warming– just weather like it has been for thousands of years!!!!!!!

    • Come to Queensland, we only had five cool days. I remember when I was young, we used to wear overcoats, slippers, gloves. This year I wore a light jumper.

    • John Green, if it is everyone from my granddaughter to my 90 year old mum are getting them as well. Lol

  3. you need to turn on the news and watch what is happening in the USA at the moment, they floods, mud slides and tornado’s, at different places around the country. Climate change is affecting every country

  4. Just being a fat old grandma and not a scientist, my theory is that all those glaciers that are no more – a proven, photographed, registered fact means we have a lot more water available to make the sea rise and also enough left over to make more snow and more floods.

  5. If we didn’t have climate change we’d still have dinosaurs! ”Twas ever thus, everything goes in cycles. We are being told now that the universe is dying, I suppose humans and fossil fuels are responsible for that too!

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    • Gail the meteor that fell at Chixculub in Mexico. was the cause of the dinosaur extinction, not climate change. But in saying that I think the climate must have changed after the meteorite hit and pushed debris all that into the atmosphere 🙂

  6. Whether you believe that climate change is manmade, a fact of nature or a mixture of both, we need to shift to renewable energies. The simple fact is that non-renewable energy supplies will run out one day. The sooner we move to renewable energies the cheaper it will be.

  7. Our world has been warming and cooling for millions of years and will continue to do so regardless of what humans do….

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    • I don’t think people have ever been so sick so often from fossil fuel air pollution on a daily basis. Regardless of climate change – the likes of Beijing – Los Angeles etc have to move to clean air. I’d like a bit more clean air in Australia too.

    • We have had changes in climate for m a long time, but NOT like what is happening now. It is very serious, and we must do something about it.

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