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Huge hailstones, covering the road like snow. Terrifying green skies. Lightning in all directions. Last night’s South East Queensland storm truly was a sight to behold.

According to 9 News, more than 100,000 lightning strikes were recorded, with more than 20,000 homes losing power.

While Brisbane certainly had a scary view, the surrounding areas bore the brunt of it, with Ipswich and Tara residents finding enormous golfball-sized hailstones in their backyards.

Meanwhile, Harrisville experienced rapidly flooded roads. Darling Downs and Campbells were swamped with up to 70ml of rainfall.

For those lucky/unlucky enough to miss the spectacle, social media has come to the rescue with these spectacular photos.

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  1. I’m in the Northern Rivers and our last big storm was 2007. I was at home for this one and it wasn’t as harsh.

    I got caught in the hail on the last one so I sat in my vehicle and listened and watched as my vehicle was written off. I did buy it back from the insurer for $1k and drove it for another couple of years. There are still cars getting around up here with the hail damage from the 2007 storm. B|

  2. I love storm watching! Incredible pics but being there is so exciting.
    When living on a yacht we had to head straight out to sea once in a storm.
    I wanted the skipper to anchor me to the mast so I could be a part of it.
    It was a real high for me.

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