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Last night Kensington Palace released something very special… The first official portraits of Prince George and his little sister Princes Charlotte.

They released them on Twitter saying that The Duchess of Cambridge actually photographed her children herself in Mid-May and has waited until now to release them.

They look so happy in the photos and it brought a smile to our faces this morning so we hope you enjoy too!


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  1. you really pushing these Royals in here

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    • Hi Libbi Elliot, the Royals are some of the most widely read articles on SAS – probably our most popular topic! We try to stay up to date and share things, like this, with you all.

    • They may be SAS but many of us were born In Australian not Britain are we are not Royalists

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      • Speak for. Your self. My family were FREE first greeters yet are still Royalists,

    • .SAS is like a magazine rack.
      You buy (or look at) topics which interest you. Pictures of the royals – (especially the young royals now) sells magazines for one reason. People like them. Ita Buttrose said how many more thousands of magazines were sold when Princess Diana was on the cover. I’m not attracted to picture of cars – or farm tractors – so I don’t buy those magazines and certainly wouldn’t even look, let alone comment on them on a Facebook page.

    • that is your choice Leone O’Sullivan..but your not me ..please don’t try to speak for me because it will result in an epic fail

    • So you look at and buy magazines you’re not interested in? And go to facebook pages you’re not interested in? Well. I certainly can’t understand someone like that and I doubt I ever will.

    • Wow Libbi, I can’t see anything in Leone’s post that remotely looked like she was speaking for you. I know you are active on SAS but the undertones to ‘will result in epic fail’ sounds, to me, like a bully in what they think is their playground.

    • I am not bullying anyone..I simply gave an opinion..if you don’t agree with it fine..but why tell me ? its not going to change my mind anymore than what I say will change yours 🙂

    • If you are not interested don’t look, I for one enjoy EVERY article on here. SAS is for everyone, not just you Libbi, you say Leoni is talking for you, well aren’t you talking for others suggesting SAS to drop the Royal pages??

    • why all come here and comment on post Libbi Ellliot started ?..she is not coming to you and telling you your get a life and worry about your own opinion

    • Libby, you don’t have to read about them, no one is forcing you. Get over yourself, I agree with what Leone wrote. Go away.

    • Janet Farmer you answered it so well. My sentiments exactly!!! No different to life outside of SAS – a democratic way of life!!!

    • Most people love babies, Libbi. Many Australians are Royalists. This site caters for everybody – even folk like you who have differing opinions. But if you’re not interested in the subject, just pass on by.

    • I have not seen Libbi Elliot going to other peoples post who like he Royal Family and telling them they are wrong and being rude to them.. The rudeness is all directed at her for having an opinion

    • Libbi has a right to her opinion without everyone jumping down her throat. SAS what is your view on what is happening as a response to Libbi’s post?

    • I am disgusted, I scrolled down and I have not seen Libbi Elliot go to anyone else post and attack them but I have seen many be rude to her

    • Hello everyone. Starts at 60 covers a very wide range of topics to suit everyone’s interests. If you aren’t interested in one topic, there’s no reason to read the story or comment on it – we’re sure we’ll have a story you’ll be interested in not too far away. Libbi, thank you for sharing your opinion as everyone is welcome to do. While we are not Royalists, we find them interesting and based on our readership figures they are the most popular topic – hence the reason we publish stories about them. I hope you can continue to enjoy the other stories on the site. To everyone on this thread for supporting us and the way we work, thank you! We hope everyone can continue to share their thoughts and opinions respectfully.

    • I have 14 people on my friends list who I have bought here..up the top you see you will see on your friends list who come here..please note my name is not there 🙂

  2. Stunning photos, two beautiful happy children, George is spitting image of his father, and looks like he would give everybody a run for their money,

  3. Just beautiful photos taken by Kate – the children are expressing the comfort of looking at someone who knows them and loves them & it shows.

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