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When Darryl Reilly opened his chocolate digestives he purchased from Aldi, he was expecting what he always got: chocolate digestives. But this tea break was not to be a typical one and what he found would have any biccie and tea lover distraught: one of his chocolate digestives was simply plain.

It was enough to have him vent his frustration to the German supermarket in a tongue-in-cheek complaint:

I have a complaint that i wish to make. This morning i woke up, as i usually do and i went down stairs to make my…

Posted by Darryl Reilly on Thursday, September 3, 2015

“I could not believe my eyes, never in all my life had I been left in such a biscuit predicament”, Darryl mused.

“What did I do next? Well first I considered eating it , but then I decided against it because let’s be honest, a plain digestive biscuit will never tantalise the taste buds in the same way as a chocolate digestive can… So having ruined my morning cuppa, I do eagerly anticipate your response.

And he didn’t have to wait long for Aldi to take notice to their loyal customers valid complaint:

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 4.07.09 pm

They kept to their word and sent Darryl a bag of sugar plus a new pack of biscuits.

We hope this gave you a giggle! Have you ever complained via social media?

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  1. obviously not Aldi in australia

    1 REPLY
    • Good to see someone with a great sense of humour. I have returned a few things back to Aldi in Australia and have never had any questions asked and had my refund granted without hesitation.

  2. …and that customer service probably earned them hundreds (if not thousands) of new customers once it went viral.

    …which is totally unlike our local Woolworths where the manager phoned me to yell at me for emailing a complaint to their central Customer Service “contact us” address.

  3. Terrific.well done Aldi.My husband complained about a certain orange juice,told credit would be attended to,never to be received!! Not an Aldi product.

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