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Scott Morrison has vowed to focus on fixing Australia’s economy, and as he announced yesterday his first priority is convincing Australians of the need for tax reform.

In addition to rewarding those who make a good effort in the workforce, our new Treasurer has his sights set on those who are no longer working. More specifically, our homes.

“Anything that helps people work save and invest, anything that helps the economy become more adaptive, and deal with the transition that’s taking place and enables it to diversify, I’m interested in all of those ideas,” he said, as reported in the Australian Financial Review.

The report says Mr Morrison has come back to an idea he proposed in February that involved creating incentives for retirees to sell their homes and spend their money, rather than leaving all their money tied up in their homes.

“With an ageing population, under the right settings, we are unlocking the capital of older Australians, then you are creating new markets for those services in Australia,” he said.

The Prime Minister has put Joe Hockey’s tax reform white paper on hold, indicating a shake-up of the system. Mr Morrison has already made suggestions the GST could be raised and company and income taxes dropped.

“We want those areas of the economy that are investing in new services, to be able to grow and we want that investment to pay off, we want people to be enthused about following through about the decisions they want to make.”

In effect, Mr Morrison is asking older people to sell their homes and spend their money, a move reminiscent of Peter Costello asking Australians to have “one for Mum, one for Dad and one for the country”.

Tell us, what would the government have to offer you to get you to sell your home and spend your money? Do you think this is this a good idea? 

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  1. and where would he like us to live???????

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    • no where we just curl up and die that would save huge sums on pensions as well so his bottom line would look great

    • in a tent in the bush, out of sight , out of mind

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      • He wants us to spend the proceeds of the sale of our house/home, so maybe he wants us to rent a room in a motel till the money runs out and then we will be homeless and soon die.

    • they’ve stopped us living inv Thailand also……

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      • Xyou can still get the aged pension at $308.00/fortnight overseas as i am an aussie that has moved to thePhilippines to live. I have a filipino wife and we both live on this amount.

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        • I thought that they stopped the Aged Pension if you live overseas for more than 3 months

    • I think he would rather we didn’t live at all! Gov thinks elderly,who in the main, have worked their arses off all their life, are a nuisance! Get stuffed Morrison. You want to see a revolt…try pushing this through & see what havoc you create.

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      • May be the Gov needs to make the lazy Y Generation get jobs in stead of expecting us baby Boomers to work until we drop dead. A lot don’t have a life now because they have to raise grandchildren saving the Gov heaps of money. Give a damn about the older population that actually built this country.

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        • 800K unemployed. Invariably lazy. Speak for your own kids.

      • Caveat emptor ! just what is this man contemplating – remember this is the man who when asked any questions in his port folio as Immigration Minister was the artful dodger – he had a standard reply ” no comment it is an operational matter ” he had better be more transparent in his present portfolio . Are we going to take it ?

    • Rubbish, he wants us to down size and spend the surplus, thus stimulating the economy – smart thinking really.

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      • I think you’re right. the others are going into alarmist mode. He’s got to be wrong because he’s liberal!!!!. I tried selling my house in order to downsize twice, it didn’t sell because I won’t take a pittance for it. I think perhaps some people can downsize and others can’t. It’s not an order just a suggestion.

      • Mmmm, I think he may be taking a risk. Sell up, down size, and holiday overseas – that would be taking our $ overseas. Come home when we are sick and rely on the public health system to look after us, no money left for private health cover. Think it through a little further Mr Morrison.

      • And go from comfortable and secure to poverty stricken in no time.

      • That may be reasonable for people who live in a mansion or double storey home but what about those of us who are already in a modest home? Besides, why should we have to sell our only home! We’ve worked long and hard for it. The Libs are at it again, penalising those who have the least so they can keep subsidising the wealthy. How about a fair taxation system instead? The loopholes for the likes of Gina Rinehart et al are ridiculous! They are getting subsidies left, right and centre. Leave the disabled, pensioners, aboriginal communities and other disadvantaged groups alone!

    • That’s what I would like to know where do we live, on the street or are we all supposed to drop dead after we sell our house so we won’t be a burden to you and your government Mr Morrison.

    • Noel Hawes Its smart thinking to sell a home that has always been a home and a home where they have raised their children? Would Turnbull do the same Noel ?? I imagine he has super and a government pension.

    • I don’t want to downsize! Why should I? Worked like a dog nursing for a pittance for years, saved, lived within my means, never had first home grant, never been on the dole. Mind you I may have had more money if I had. Start making wealthy tax avoiders pay their way. Start with Gina Rhineheart. Get a few of the young people on the dole off. No selection of where they prefer to work! Go where work is, as we did.

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      • A Another good idea would be not only to tax the rich their fair share but also any polly found rorting like Bronwyn or Tony should have to pay it back but also forfeit any entitlements eg pensions and travel allowances. It would be a win win, we would either save the money in the rorts they would have made or the pensions they would have received.

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        • 800K unemployed. Kick them off the dole. You pious genius.

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          • there aren’t 800k jobs you genius

    • Some baby boomers own multiple properties so they could sell one or more. That idea is feasible.

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      • The baby boomers with multiple properties would not be receiving a pension as they would be well over the asset test limit

    • The majority of baby boomers I would think don’t own more than one property. I’m not selling the roof over my head it is all I’ve got.

    • Those that do own more than one property just might be renting it out to live off that income as the pension doesn’t pay much does it…

    • We could all move in with Malcom OR seeing he won’t be using the Lodge we could bunk down there

    • If I get a super payout 1/3 the size of Scott’s if I was to work until I was 70. Sign me up now, I would do it happily. So out of touch these ivory towered politicians.

    • Noel Hawes many of us have already down sized as it is, so where so you go from there? Many of us also want to remain independent for as long as possible, & not be reliant on our children or interfere in their lives. A granny flat may be well & good for some, but I for one, like my own company & privacy, to be able to do exactly whatever I want, whenever I want to..

  2. What a thwart see if he would do as he is suggesting when he reaches our age not likely but he doesn’t have to worry as he and family will get the perks of being in government

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    • That’s where they could save a lot of money, cut out their huge pension and bring it in line the ordinary person’s pension rate, stop using those huge cars to get around if the pope can travel in a tiny Fiat why can’t they do the same., cut out the travel allowances when retiring stop giving concessions to the rich miners, stop their supsedised meals and expensive drinks while at the big house on the hill, take a pay cut and pay for their travel to and from work the average person does not get this ..I am sure there is heaps of other things that should be cut rather than again picking on the age pensioner !

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      • Who wants to travel in a tiny fiat. I have a corolla and that’s small enough but it would be a Lexus or Audi if I could afford it.

  3. Where will we live would cost more than our homes r worth to go into some retirement villages .Is he for real ?

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    • totally stupid idea, gee they are so out of touch of the real world.. maybe they should live on a pension for 3 month of the year and live like most live that may make them see perhaps…

    • We thought Hockey was a nut case. Boy are we in for a great ride till the next election so we can VOTE THEM OUT

    • I would like to know where all these flats for rent are . Where I live people are lined up for rental accommodation. Does this mean one has to move away from family and friends.

  4. Age care facility in Caulfield North Victoria, is $1 million + $139 per day. We were stunned, that’s 1 room with ensuite.

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    • My mums bond was 400000 and her pension more than covers the rest. That’s in Fullarton Adelaide a really nice area

    • Melissa Pinner, just as well the family home increased in value over 60 yrs. $1m for the room & $1 m is invested to pay the $139 per day. It does include food & quality nursing care.

    • That’s shocking!!! One bedroom hell!! I suppose they have an exit fee too.

  5. He could start by reducing his owm salary and allowances!!!

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    • Well said Clinton, I couldn’t agree more… I’de be lucky to get $300 K for my little place, how long does he think that will last???I wonder how many houses he’s got to sell???

  6. How to fix the economy? Stop all the payouts and perks to the politicians for a start.

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    • I agree absolutely, if they cleaned up their own back yard, things could possibly be different. How dare they sit and preach to the people, when they have their hand held out all the time for their BIG perks !!!!!

    • This has to be cleaned up and quick the per diem rate paid and the allowances are way out of kilter with commercial business

    • you could also stop them getting a pension until they reach the appropriate age, instead of like now, they get it after 4 years in power. They should be forced like the rest of us to pay for our own super.

    • Couldn’t agree more. If the pollies cleaned up their game we would all be a lot better off and no need for more cuts or taxes.

    • I agree stop all the excess payments to politicians and when their retirement comes it should be only payed out the same as every one else, not with all the extra perks we all have to pay for!! We go without so they should also. Whats good for one should be good for all, are we not a fair country after all. BET THAT WOULD SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.

    • Sell yr own house mr Morrison and stop all the perks and pensions you all get in Government! That will help our economy!

    • Agree with you there they they have all these big Ideas but who does It all fall back on the citizens of Australia, Something should be done about all there Perks, The thing Is though can you see them giving them up, you would have to have a Revolution kick them all out of parliament both Federal & State and then re- write their Constitution, If they wanted there Job’s Back I don’t think there would be many takers, “Have you ever heard of a poor Politician”?

    • Not a great start for the new treasurer….and he’s pointing the finger at those who have worked their butts off for some security. ..pretty insulting coming from a politician with the extras they quickly accumulate.

    • These rules only apply to people wanting to draw a pension who have not adequately prepared for retirement.
      This will never apply to politicians regardless of there pension scheme.
      The successful pollies are all wealthy.

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      • Many people could not Adequately finance their retirement due to the fact that they were sole parents or bread winners/ had sick partners or children /Got ripped off financially by embezzlement or other means . There are many reasons for this .

    • And stop trying to save the world when your own citizens, many of whom pay your salary and subsidize your lifestyle, are struggling to make ends meet.

    • Andrew Brannon- is it not reasonable then, that the pollies don’t need a generous tax-payer funded pension if they are all wealthy.

    • Scott where did you get this lame brain idea? Where are we supposed to live? I’m no where near ready for aged care.

    • Fay Haynes some would argue that they are overpayed. I’m not one of them. They work 100 hour weeks and they can never ever just turn off. If they worked in private enterprise and worked as hard with the skills they have they would earn double their pollie salaries and more. Therefore I’m one of the few who think they are under payed.
      I understand I’m in the minority.

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      • Andrew, you would be correct if politics was an ordinary job. But it isn’t. The major parties distort the market with factions, pre-selections and political deals. There are hundreds in each party keen to be appointed, but there is no real “competitive market”. The political class these days is dominated by party hacks who become staffers and inherit pre-selection with no experience in the real world. They do not deserve their $200K back bench salaries and huge early-paying “superannuation”. The rise of Xenophon and his lower house candidates is an omen of things to come.

  7. I think over 60’s will have a very clear message to send back to Scott Morrison and it will be P off and mind your own business

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