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Christmas time advertising is here… and it sure does warm the heart!   This ad is by Sainsbury’s from the UK, always one of the most creative for the year… and this one doesn’t let them down.  If only this was true!

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. This ad doesn’t warm my heart. It just leaves me feeling very sad.

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    • And then they were forced to go back to killing each other. The human spirit never seems to win over Empire and greed. A beautiful but very brief moment in 4 years of death and destruction.

  2. Just briefly,the message of Love,Peace and Goodwill transcended the bitterness and hatred of that horrific war,in that little area. To me that is the true meaning of Christmas,and lovely that Sainsbury should honour that sacred moment in such dark times.

  3. What happened on that very first Christmas Day of World War 1 was touching. I’ve read a number of reports over the years and it never ceases to move me. Sadly, they returned to what the royal cousins required of them: Wholesale slaughter. As Lesley Petri says, it leaves one feeling sad.

  4. True story, and even though they had to go back to the trenches and start again, they were compassionate and brave enough to do what they did. How would I feel walking back to the trenches? So sad, I would want to run away. But there would be no where to go…except a trench.

  5. This is a beautiful commentary on soldiers -v- the old men who start the wars, but I don’t like it being used as Christmas advertising.

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