Rockin in pink suits: Julia Gillard and KAK on the same day 89



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What are the chances of two of Australia’s elegant female faces wearing the same (or very similar) rare, hot pink suit on the same day… You’ve got to see this to believe it!

Julia Gillard has stepped out in style we’ve never seen from her before, in a vibrant pink suit at event on the future of education for girls in New York. She spoke with Charlize Theron and Michelle Obama during the event, and stood out with significant style, not something she was well known for during her short stint as Australia’s Prime Minister.

And in very chance encounter on the same day, 62 year old TV hottie, Kerry-Anne Kennerley has been snapped in a very similar looking ensemble, or perhaps even the same suit.

Love it or hate it?




Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Bloody awful but looks better on kerri Anne

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    • ‘Redheads should’nt wear red or pink’ JG the ranga ignored that old edict However I think she could have chosen a more flattering colour Kerry Anne is able to get away with it as her colouring is perfect foil

  2. Julia has good reason to smile at the moment and it is nice to see her looking so happy and healthy

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