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For the first time since the death of her husband, Susan Schneider will speak out this week in an interview that has been pre-recorded and will be aired on ABC America.  Clips of the interview were released by the news company on Friday night showing her breaking into tears.  Williams’ widow says that she “just screamed” when she found he had committed suicide.

Williams was a beloved and acclaimed actor so many of us felt close to.  At the age of 63 he had let so many people into his public persona, but his private world carried so much more anxiety than he let on.

The interview with ABC news Amy Robach will air this week on Good Morning America and later again on Nightline.

The clips quote Susan saying, “I just screamed, ‘Robin, what happened? What did you do?'”

The interview follows the eventual settlement of a case over the assets and estate belonging to the star, with Susan being able to live on in their family home.

The interview shows some emotion that has been kept very private until now.

“It’s the best love I ever dreamed of.”  She speaks in the interview of missing him terribly.

Robin Williams death was ruled by the coroner as caused by asphyxiation, and was called a suicide by hanging.  He was just 63 years old.

There is no word on whether the special will be aired in Australia and New Zealand at this time.

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  1. He was a funny man such a good actor loved him in movies is greatly missed even though its 1yr since he went it must be so hard for you my thoughts are with you

  2. The death of Robin Williams had a far greater impact on me than I could have imagined. I’m well aware of what it is like to put on that ‘brave face’ every day and pretend to the world and the one’s you love (and love you) that your life is OK. An incredibly talented man; a very loving and compassionate man; a man that the world is worse off without him.

  3. He must have been in so much emotional deep deep pain it’s like being in a bottomless black pit to take his life so sad and yet wait long enough with support life can be meaningful again.

  4. Some or possibly most will not agree with me but i have to give Robin and the likes of him, people who have taken their own life, credit for having the guts to do it. They are looking for inner piece and this is the only way for them to have it. Their world is sheer turmoil, we have no idea and we will never know why they do it. Bit rough of me to say that you think, well as the father of a 36 year old son who took his own life a couple of years back i think i have the right to say it. And you know what, thinking like that gets me through.

    8 REPLY
    • Noel, l’ve had three suicides around me. First when I was 22 he was 17. The next was my nephew he was 17 .last my brother in his 40s. My brother and I suffered at the hands of our parents, and David was getting more of a temper like our dad. So ended his life, saying unlike my father l can’t live with myself. I think that some people are not meant to grow old. I feel sorry that you too have lost your son to suicide. Some people say that it’s a cowards way out. It’s anything but. The body wants to live, but the mind is in such turmoil, only that person knows what they are suffering. Your son is free from his pain and suffering. They leave us with a multitude of unanswered questions, the biggest one is (why) l could go on. But I wish you peace, lots of love. God bless you and keep you safe

    • You have found the way to get you through it is what they wanted for us,I lost my brother to suicide at 23 a beautiful soul at peace

    • Ann you know what it feels like, it’s a pain like no other, that person just doesn’t know how to get around what they are going through, they have really good times, then the smallest of thing will send them into the darkness, that they think they have overcome. David and I were 8and 9 years old when we were going to drown ourselves, because of our dad, but we could both swim, we were holding hands so we would be together, but the pond had green slime on it and I said l’d die if I swallowed that, that’s when we both burst out laughing. But we stayed out that long, nobody knew where we were. I got a thrashing for worrying everyone over us.

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