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A new study has showed that people have a very clear idea of the ideal age to retire but that many expect not to be able to get there in time. According to the National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll, the best time to give up work is between 60 and 65 because you still have plenty of time to enjoy what makes you happy and the funds to do so.

However only 29 per cent of the people interviewed expected they would be in a position to retire at this ideal age.

The poll, which was conducted in America, closely mirrors the situation here in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost one in five Australians say they won’t be retiring until at least 70.

Most people surveyed by the ABS said they would retire sometime between 65 and 69 years old.

Only a quarter believed they would retire in the “ideal” age bracket of 60 to 64.

As we all know, the retirement age has been increasing due to people living better for longer, and also for financial reasons. The average age at retirement is currently 61.5 years  (63.3 years for men and 59.6 years for women).

We want to know how this compares to your experience? Please complete our poll below!

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Tell us, when is the best time to retire and why? 



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  1. I think in todays Political climate it is best for your wallet if you work as long as possible but I think if you retire early that will better for your health and you will get some enjoyment in your final years. Many don’t make it to 70 years old an as each decade comes more more and more of us will see our final days

  2. I’m 63 & still work full time, will work unit about 67, would love to retire now but not ready money wise, I could go now & have the stress of worrying about money or work longer & be more comfortable & not have the stress from that, for me I’d rather be physically tired now & not have the stress later.

  3. Forced or “pushed” into retirement at 57 due to the so called Smart & Skilled cuts to TAFE. Ideally I would have liked to continue till 60 and then switch down to part time teaching till had enough. These cuts reduced the quality and duration of course delivery and the stress of management within the system to comply with this dumbing down and cutting costs at the expense of highest quality course delivery. So, once I’d had enough of this pressure and stress I called it a day to support my wife by being the domestic “God”. This has allowed her to pursue a better career for a few more years until we are both retired. Happy with retirement but very unhappy with the changes to TAFE.

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    • I don’t know anybody involved in TAFE who thinks anything has been changed for the better. Cheaper course quality with dearer course fees is what we see here. Went in to sign up for a course and found the price had doubled – Countless others apart from us, couldn’t do it.

    • The funding cuts and changes to TAFE are a disgrace Leone O’Sullivan. Public taxpayer’s money being squandered by going to private for profit training colleges and this funding should be going to TAFE which is being starved to death.

  4. My late Husband got a package at 56 but did do a bit of casual work and I got out 2years later did a bit of casual work but both ended up volunteering at our local tourist bureau which we did for quite a few years then did a couple of trips over East with the caravan and have enjoyed life since till the passing of my husband in 2011 but I still keep myself active.

  5. Hubby 69 still works 3 days per week….he’s happy…..can’t say same for me….I’m 73…. Need a break. How do I convince him to retire at 70, so we can enjoy a few years together, doing our own thing. .

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  6. No woman ever retires of that I’m convinced…..

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    • I stopped working for money 9 years ago, yes, it’s true, women never retire. They just stop getting paid.!

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