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A recent report in the UK Telegraph said that working-age adults are having less sex. It also indicated that one group is doing it more – you probably guessed it: retirees. The report stated that 29 per cent of retirees have sex more than 11 times a month while for those working full-time it is only 24 per cent and part-timers 20 per cent. The myth of retirees being boring old fogeys is being shattered.

The other day we also read an article about the sexual habits of the Japanese. Apparently, sex has become very low on people’s priority with 50 per cent of adults in Japan rarely having sex. Low rates of sexual activity and an ageing population means that its population will diminish by a third in the next 50 years. Studies in westernised countries indicate a similar sexual pattern, where retirees do it more, while those actively working do it less. So today we have Retirees’ Liberation where they are more sexually active as opposed to Women’s Liberation in past decades.

We have spoken to many retiree groups and there is an interesting phenomenon taking place – if you are under 30 you may want to stop reading here. Because women outlive men, this statistical imbalance really does favour the men – they do need some benefit for their shorter lifespan. We are hearing of single retired men having multiple female sexual partners. Retirees are quite open about the raunchy lifestyle of some of their peers. In one case, a man has one partner on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with another on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We were told of another man who was having sex with three partners on a regular basis.

In 1946, when the first group of baby boomers were born, life expectancy was 64, today it is 82. Many retirees are living into their 90s and they are also free of the constraints of their work life. So there are more years of life to enjoy. Retirees are fitter than ever, they are generally healthier, they have a positive outlook on life and are open to enjoy life’s pleasures including sex. Of course, some are using Viagra and hormonal supplements in being sexually active. Sex itself conveys many benefits including increased longevity, a preventative effect against dementia and greater intimacy.

In the past seniors having sex was almost frowned upon; today it is much more acceptable and we say it should be encouraged and celebrated. So to the young ones we say, “Get over it”!

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Have you been having more sex in your 60s? Why do you think this is? Do you enjoy it more than when you were younger? Tell us below.

Dr Ely Lazar and Dr Adele Thomas

  1. we seem to have a lot of articles on sex in here, at my age I would rather have Mars Bar 🙂

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  2. I am finding this page is posting a lot of topics that are not in support of people over 60 years of age, the topics are like from someone in their 30’s or even 20’s sometimes. How about embracing aging on all levels and the beauty in it instead of putting undue pressure? Self confidence and self love and care is needed on here!

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    • Are you kidding Rhonda?..some of us are still enjoying the good things in life & yes sex is one of them, I have never seen an article on here that I thought was inappropriate for us over 60s, most of us are still young at heart & enjoy the variety of subjects posted..if you don’t like the look of an article don’t read it but let us enjoy our variety

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      • Way to go Lynne, we are 66 & 71 and find all articles interesting. This article highlights the way things are today wether you do it or not. We get a lot of excercise!!!

    • no, you are not understanding what I said, lately on this page I’m seeing support underwear to hide your natural shape in an effort to look younger as another example. I did not say sex is not acceptable for the older generation that’s you’re interpretation from your mind! I’m saying that no pressure need be put on people over 50, it takes decades to recover from it in the younger years. Lyn please actually read someone’s comment before replying in future because it is something worthwhile. .

  3. I prefer to forget about it, being on my own is my choice

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    • Just because you are on your own does not stop you from being a sexual being….. I am on my own too and am a loooong way from NOT being a very sexual being! Have plenty of time when I am dead to do that!

  4. the wind must be blowing in a sexy direction today,withFifty Shades of Grey premiering. We like to discuss more interesting things over 60

  5. I say good luck to all those retirees who are doing it. Maybe I’ll get lucky soon.

  6. Good for us over 60s, just because we are over 60 doesn’t mean we are not still loving,vibrant,sexual adults..should be more of it.

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