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It’s a terrible feeling when you get a ring stuck but don’t rely on a bar of soap or getting it cut off your finger – this method is painless and quick!

All you need to do is get some dental floss or thin string and some pliers and watch this video:

The video has gone viral with thousands of shares, comments, likes and views and it’s easy to see why – it’s genius!

The man in the video tucks the end under the ring to the other side with pliers then wraps the string tightly around his finger.

Then returning to the base of the finger, the man takes the start of the string and simply unwinds the tightly wound coil and it takes the ring right off!


Will you give it a go next time you get a ring stuck on your finger?

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  1. Have tried this and did not work, think my knuckle is bigger with arthritis, nearly hot stuck, purple finger, think if I need it off will have to get it cut off.

  2. If the knuckle bone is too enlarged , this method certainly isn’t going to work…..cut the ring off .

  3. Ah yes and old trick. The waxed dental floss is best. I seen it done with 12lb mono fishing line as well. The bloke had problems with the tag end after the rollingh hitch. Some of the translucent sergical tape will fix it in place. I always carry a small dispencer of dental floss as it has all sorts of applications. B|

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