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Princess Diana would have turned 55 years-old today if the tragic events of the evening of 31 August 1997 hadn’t suddenly taken her away from the world that loved her so much.

#princessdiana ✌💖🌹

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She left behind two fantastic children that grew up into men that she would be so proud of. Diana would have made an amazing grandmother as she showed great love for children all over the world

Now matter how big the world got our how much it asked of her she would always return home to her boys with a smile and a hug.

Remembering the People’s Princess on what would have been her 55th birthday. ❤️ #PrincessDiana #wordsofwisdom #royalfamily

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Princess Diana was elegant, classy, and could turn the fashion world upside down with a single outfit.

Today she would have been 55 years young😢 A true beauty!!! #PRINCESSDIANA #MYHEARTSTILLHURTS #NOFILTER

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However, it was Diana’s personality, charm, and energy that made the world swoon.

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She was your princess and today everyone remembers her.

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What do you think Diana would be today is she was still with us? Would she be the poster grandmother?

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  1. She would have been a fabulous grandmother. So Sad that she could not be there for them all. Yes, she would have still been beautiful- beauty comes from the heart, and hers was big.

  2. Princess Diana did a lot of charity but she was also a troubled soul. Dear God may her soul rest in Peace. Born in to aristocracy she knew how to carry her clothes and hats. Beautiful eyes and beautiful smile.

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