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About one year ago, a Starts at 60 member wrote on our Facebook wall asking if anyone wanted to meet up and go for coffee. It was quite a brave move, asking an online community of a few thousand people if someone wanted to catch up, but our wonderful book club coordinator Karen replied and said yes!

They caught up for a coffee, shared a bite to eat and added each other as friends on Facebook. The next month came around and they decided to do it again! This time they asked a couple of other friends along (also Starts at 60 members) and slowly, month by month, the even grew.

Over the last twelve months, this brave question into cyberspace has turned into a group of about 20 women – all Starts at 60 users who live in South East Queensland – who meet up for lunch every four weeks.

They are knows as the “Ladies Who Lunch”!

All it took was one question on our Facebook page to create a group of friends who now know and trust each other. They’ve formed a beautiful support network and they all keep in touch in between their catch ups.

The next time you’re feeling lonely, remember how important this is! Remember that all it takes is something so small, to create something so important.

In light of the Starts at 60 Second Birthday, the Ladies Who Lunch want to extend the invitation to the whole Starts at 60 community!

Their next lunch is next Tuesday 24th March at midday in Woollongabba.

To get all of the details and register to attend, click on the button below or the following link:




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  1. Reaching out, can make a difference.
    Taking the first step is the hardest and in this case a lovely community has formed.

  2. Hi! Great idea! I’d love to do something like this here in the Philippines.

  3. What a great idea. Wish I lived closer as finding it hard to make friends since moving to Brisbane from Sydney.

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    • Hi Rhoda,
      Sent me a message on Facebook, we don;t always meet in the CBD and one lady is joining us from well south of the Gold Coast, almost in NSW – we might be able to organise a get together closer to you, or perhaps met you on the way. I’m also ex-Sydney and know it is difficult.

  4. So sorry! I will be in Brissie for the weekend, if I had known earlier I would have loved to join the lovey ladies.

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    • Let me know the next time you are visiting Catharine Keevill, we try to get together once a month and you would be very welcome.

  5. I am used to having no real friends and I’m used to my own company. I am lucky I have grand-children and wonderful kids who visit often and chat, apart from that, I have no family now, but I’m happy with what I have.

  6. Oh Jennifer Williams sorry you have no family but pleased to hear you are happy. …wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend ?….it helps to have friends. …In my opinion….left all my friends in UK 10 years ago and was so sad. …but now have many friends in Oz

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    • Some people thrive on friends.. Some prefer family .. Some just don’t know how to make friends or want to… Just a matter of preference I guess.

  7. Would be nice if something like that could happen in Townsville

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    • Hi Margaret
      Make it happen! Just post asking if anyone in Townsville would like to get together for coffee then use facebook to message each other. That’s all that happened for Ladies Who Lunch. We had 2 then 3, and little by little it grows. Good luck

  8. Great idea, shame I live in Auckland NZ.

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    • Hi Vivienne Blakie where in Auckland are you. I started a coffee group to meet others meeting this friday on The Shore. Pm me

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