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Have you ever wondered just how far your children would go to help you? Well the answer is a long way – if the example of this daughter who set out to help her 67-year-old mother find a date is any indication.

Times Union reports Kate Hoit from Virginia launched a Twitter campaign last week with the hashtag #DateDiane to find a date for her 67-year-old mother, Diane Hoit.

Diane lives in New York and is still married to her husband, who is Kate’s father, Frederick Hoit. However, Frederick has Alzheimer’s.

Diane visits him every week but says each visit is like Forrest Gump “because like that box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get”. This is because the 82-year-old Iraq war veteran hardly recognises his wife, despite being married to Diane for 34 years.

After watching her mother live in loneliness for 10 years, Kate, decided to do something about it and using the hashtag #DateDiane, she sent a number of tweets with descriptions and photos of her mother.

The campaign has now gone viral, with media world-wide picking up on the story.

And all signs point to success, with some excellent “dating” prospects coming forward and expressing interest in meeting Diane.

What do you think of Kate’s campaign? What have your own children done for you that has surprised you?

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  1. Sad that she thinks dates are the answer to not being lonely. Im sure making friends and more of an effort socially could be just as useful and a lot less embarrassing.

  2. Yikes! I hope they never try. Why on earth would I risk having another man in my life? No thanks!!!!

  3. Companionship Aileen and Bruce. I know, I know it’s tricky. But 3rd time lucky for me, so I’m happy.

    1 REPLY
    • I have plenty of family, friends, interests and a cat for companionship. A man would end up wanting me to cook his meals, pick up after him, wash and iron his clothes, etc etc. I know only too well from past experience. No thanks.

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