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Today Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning monarch to sit on the throne. She has now surpassed the 63 years, 7 months, 2 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes of her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Naturally, the public was keen to shower her with praise, with bells ringing outside Westminster Abbey and British parliament full of politicians eager to share their congratulations.

The Queen herself, however, brushed aside any praise; this simply marked the fact that her father died earlier than expected, and that she just happened to be blessed with a longer life. In fact, she did not originally intend to address the milestone at all.

However, perhaps due to the enormous pressure from the well-meaning public, she agreed to open the new Scottish railway on the day, sparing a few very short and sweet words to acknowledge her personal milestone.

In typical country-first fashion, she downplayed her personal involvement, instead focusing on the warm welcome and the event at hand. Only at the end did she address it:

“Many have also kindly noted another significance attaching to today”, she said. “Although it is not one to which I have aspired.

“A long life can pass many milestones. My own is no exception. But I thank you all, and the many others, at home and overseas, for your many touching messages of great kindness.”

“And now, to the business in hand, it is my very happy duty to declare the Borders Railway open”.

At Starts at 60, we think this is a perfectly fitting – and charmingly characteristic – response. What do you think? Share your comments below!

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  1. Love the monarchy or hate it. Queen Elizabeth is and always has been a stylish lady. Congratulations.

  2. I am not a Royalist but the Queen has been on the job for a very long time and deserves congratulations

  3. Got to hand it to the old girl – she does a good job!

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    • Agree, but careful with the old girl bit, and she does it with heaps more backup and training than us plebs get too, not to take anything away from her, would be lots of downsides to her job too, not my cup of tea

  4. Who says WE love her Personally I despise royalty as such ,murdering bastards throughout history ,murdering their sisters mothers and brothers even not to mention the thousands other innocents in order to maitain their so called royalty

    18 REPLY
    • I know Again royalty at work ,Leopold2paid Stanley a Englishman To chart the congo for him ,thus claimed the continent as his including the inhabitants, colonised it with missionaries and when unable to hold on to it sold it to the Belgian government ,who in turn could not hold on to it so they relinquished it ,and gave it independence to the chagrin of the mining companies well I suppose you know the rest

    • Every country regardless of their rulers have a shocking history of inhumanity against mankind. Humans are one vicious animal, kinda sad, and hate for another seems to be the start then layer it with religion, culture, wealth, intolerance, greed and power and in the name of war shocking inhumane cruelty is inflicted on the innocent.

    • My head has never been in the sand ,but it seems yours is seeing you know all about heads in the sand ,you mentioned the so called Belgian Congo E.G. Zaire well I khow all about Lumumba,Kasavubu and Tsjombe do you ,who likes to throw the history of the Belgian Congo in my face to do what show your love for your royal bastrards well you have succeeded in doing that one cheers royal bastard lover hehe

    • Mary Mary quite contrary what makes you think they got insane asylums in Belgium ,obviously you have never been there but to set the record straight I am only visiting Belgium I in fact live in New Zealand and there also are no insane asylums ,so were you live they probably have them but personally I have never seen them in either country mentioned by yours truly ,cheers Mary may your life be full of joy and happiness

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      • NO asylums in N.Z. ? After reading your total dribble & blurbish comments it’s obvious that there should be. You’re not living in the real world & deserve help to deal with your mental disfunction. Hope you get some stabalizing help within your life soon , before you go totally off the wall – harming any of us normal everyday people, just trying to lead a life where we enjoy the pleasure of our family after a hard days work to make ends meet & pay the bills. Look in the mirror & ask that person reflected back at you if your life is correct & your mind strategy – after a lot of blubbering your answer will be ” NO” – then act on it & seek help.

    • I’m surprised that she was up in Scotland yesterday. Just look at the past and how the Scots were treated. 45% of Scots want to cut ties with her and England !

  5. It’s quite a milestone and the Queen all in all managed it better than most. The Queen deserves recognition for how she has presented herself with dignity even when in difficult circumstances.

  6. Lovely and typical of this lovely lady. Always humble and getting on with the job. God bless Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll and long may she reign.

  7. This response is typical of the lady, Queen Elizabeth, she was born and raised in a generation that was humble, grateful and got on with the job. My grandmother, Amy Wallace was 100 to last February, and very similar to the Queen as in my Nanna had a long life and saw many changes through out the world. Nanna worked hard and raised her children, saw two world wars and far too many smaller ones, technology advance to levels even I can’t keep up with, the Queen does she sent her first email long before I did. Yet Queen Elizabeth has remained quietly dignified through out her reign raising her children and getting in with the job, as did my Amy.

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