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We have always thought that our man has selective hearing – and now it turns out we were right all along!

New research has shown that men really can’t pay attention to what we’re saying – it’s actually really not their fault…it’s ours, ladies.

You may have noticed that your husband has no trouble listening to his mates talk about the footy or sex, but gets glassy-eyed when we talk about our day, and you’re not alone – the average man can steadily listen to only six minutes of whatever we’re saying.

This is because women tend to talk about topics men generally have no interest in, with the majority of the 2,000 survey male respondents claiming when we talk about someone they don’t know, it’s a total bore.

So what can you talk about to make sure your man will listen? Sport, movies and sex, apparently! Make sure to avoid talking about your relationship with him or others, especially when he is busy doing something else like watching sport, playing a game or flicking through TV channels.

Men also admitted to tuning out of conversations about our workmates, celebrities, shopping, other people, Facebook, horoscopes, our feelings and dieting.

But us ladies don’t exactly get off scot-free – when the tables were turned, it was revealed that women listen longer and more intently when with friends than with their other half.

If there’s anything that this study shows is that we should all give our partners our undivided attention when they speak to us…especially because we all know how it feels! At least now we have some proof to back us up.


What do you think? Do you listen to your partner when they talk to you? Or do you tune out? What do you both enjoy talking about? Tell us below!

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  1. I think that variations on a theme are very helpful in maintaining interest. Men I believe like variety. Even as kids, the same favourite sandwich got boring within days. So in conversations changing statements to Qs starting with “Let’s” or “How about ” generate teamship. Men can even ‘switch off’ with conversations beginning with “How come”, “What if” or “Why didn’t”; which are negative, sceptical or divisive.

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    • I find asking, “What do you think/feel/want?” is the best way to get attention. That makes him feel more important!

  2. If you have lived together for long periods (years) you tend to skip all the white noise and only listen to what interests you, that applies to both sexes. It is probably just human nature

  3. I used to blame my husband’ spoor hearing, but now that he has hearing aids, I realise that his hearing is selective. It does get frustrating at times. I have stopped talking mid sentence sometimes and he doesn’t even realise I have! Oh well, I still love him regardless of the frustrating times lol.

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    • sounds like you have a normal relationship and good on you, I am sure your husband loves you very much, I would not take it personally, I think it is the same in every relationship

    • I agree with you Leanna. We often laugh about it and sometimes it pays off because I can say to my husband “well I did tell you but you obviously weren’t listening.!!

  4. We have always called it occupational deafness. When they are occupied, they’re deaf!

  5. This lack of communication between men and women is probably the breakdown of many a marriage. If your partner doesn’t listen to you for whatever reason but expects you to hang off his every word, it’s not exactly a rosy relationship.

  6. My husband has selective hearing and I could absolutely bop him for it especially when he says ‘you never told me that’ I had probably did 10 minutes earlier, grrrrr

  7. Yes, I agree Vivienne, but I must say my husband has some hearing lose too! It’s annoying when the TV is up too loud!!

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    • I understand Brenda, although my husband doesn’t have any problems with his hearing – it’s everyone else’s fault for mumbling, even when he’s the only one who can’t understand what is being said. What would we do if we didn’t love them.

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