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Prince Harry has stepped out in aid of a cause close to his heart, the mental health of veterans, walking 17 miles with the people undertaking the Walking with the Wounded’s 1,000-mile trek across Britain.


The Prince, who is 31 years old is a massive supporter of the organisation which seeks to assist veterans battling physical, mental or social injury to be reskilled and to develop careers beyond the British military and provide for themselves and their families.

Known as Captain Wales, and recognised for the fact that he himself has retired from the Army after two tours of duty through Iraq, Harry is the Royal Patron for the charity and has been a repeated part of their advocacy missions.  He’s visited both the North and South Poles with the organisation in the last five years.

Prince Harry spoke to UK TV station on the trek, ITV, urging people to do more to support those suffering mental health issues of both those in the military and living civilian life.

“We need to do more. Not just with these guys but with everybody,” the prince said. “Mental health is a sensitive subject among a lot of people but it doesn’t need to be. I think we need to talk about it more, get rid of the stigma.”


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  1. Will he be wearing the nazi uniform again ? or maybe walk naked ?

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    • Prince or pauper, this is a very brave, hard working, young man who spends his spare time and days off, working and campaigning for war veterans. What’s your contribution to society, other than lip service and holidays. To be a republican is a given right, to put down war heros is deplorable. Wake up!!!!!

    • Omg Berndt Rudiger Olesen we have all done silly things in our youth (or were you perfect) as Harry did but he has matured into a fine caring young man!! Leave the past in the past & judge him on who he is now & what he does. If you dont like him why dont you just scroll past!

    • I may have done silly things, Patricia, but I can promise you that I never wore a nazi uniform, never went big game hunting in Africa, and never partied naked. To me these are not exactly what I would expect of the heir to the British throne. Maybe my standards are just too high….

    • Yep they were silly things he did in his youth BUT people change & mature which he has done so give him credit for that at least. He didn’t go out & physically hurt anyone & cause trouble for others like a lot of the youth do these days & as i said its in the past, its only brought up by people like you who dont see people for what they are now!

  2. wonder has his family told him about his granny’s cousins Katherine & Nerissa Bow Lyon….locked away in a mental institution for many many years ..with no visit …and prince John … so many skeletons in this family little time …

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    • Why bring up the past, that is where it should stay, that is how things were in those days, thank goodness we now live in this century where mental illness is looked at differently. Why should you pull this positive young man down, who is making big headway’s into compassion, love and caring for people with these disabilities and illness, making positive changes in their lives , instead of being hidden .

    • Reaaaaly. Had no idea. Who the heck is Prince John? Rosanna how do you know these things…i must have been reading wrong material.

    • What has that got to do with anything this young man is doing? Why bring up crap to try to put down someone trying to do good.

    • because a playboy ,whose family jumps on to every opportunity to promote themselves by saving the “world “with their 10 minute photo shoots …is the last person mental health issues need ..leave that to qualified & respected individuals …

    • Rosanna Taylor, he is not a playboy, he is just a single young man enjoying his life. His family is not jumping on 10 minute photo ops at all, this is a young man that has done 2 war zone tours and yes was in the think of it each time, so I feel he has every qualification to try and help these men and women. He has genuine thoughts for these people and I am so proud of him to want to get in there and help, he could have left the Army and walked away never to be seen again, but no he has stuck around to help, maybe you should get out from behind your computer screen and try to help yourself.

    • What do you mean “locked up?” Should people in mental hospitals be “unlocked up,” you idiot. Your talking about 60/70 years ago and it’s his great grannies family. You have every right to be anti royal but have no right to put down people who fight wars for you and this is what this young man does. Prince or pauper. Wake up!!!

    • Rosanna Taylor dont all families have a skeleton or two in their closet (even yours) Rather a silly comment! !

  3. He is doing a good thing trying to help we have a big problem with mental health issues and it needs people too keep it in the public eye.

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