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You thought your family politics were difficult! Spare a thought for Prince William and Duchess Catherine who, on the eve of their daughter’s christening are tip-toeing around, trying to ensure everyone is happy, with no one feeling left out of uncomfortable.

The couple has devised an intimate, relaxed family event that hopefully ticks all the boxes.

The Queen has been allowed to host the event, despite the fact William and Kate’s ten-bedroom home in Sandringham would have been just fine for the tea party.

There will be a conspicuous effort made to involve Prince Charles in the ceremony following reports he is feeling a bit left out of grandparenting duties. And, to be fair Prince George has been spending a lot of time with his maternal grandparents Carole and Michael Middleton.

A source close to the royal family says Prince William wants George to experience a “normal childhood”, hence the heavy involvement of his in-laws in the upbringing of the future king of England. But Prince Charles is apparently hopping to mentor George in a grandfatherly-kingly kind of manner.

A few days before George was born, women from a ladies’ circle in Wales said the prince had been jokingly asking for grandfathering advice, but that they sensed his questions were in fact, quite serious. Prince Charles never knew either of his grandfathers.

The women told him to spoil them, then give them back at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Kate has been making a conspicuous effort to include Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in the planning and to make her feel valued as grandmother to her two children. Camilla has never enjoyed a close relationship with Prince William, according to the Daily Mail, but Kate is determined to overcome this.

In the early days of her relationship with William, Kate spend lots of time with Camilla, however, in recent times, with two small babies, she has understandably been relying on her mother for support. The princess has rekindled her friendship with her mother-in-law, which is bound to make things easier for both Charles and Camilla in terms of grandparenting duties.

“Camilla has been very comforting for Kate — and amusing, just as she used to be,” a friend told the Daily Mail. “There’s no one better at girl-talk — and since Charlotte was born there has been plenty of that.”

Sunday’s christening will be an intimate family affair, but quite informal, with no place settings in the ballroom at Sandringham House. The ceremony will be held in the same church Diana in which was christened.

What do you think of Kate and William’s efforts to involve Prince Charles and Camilla more in their children’s lives while still providing them with a “normal” childhood? Do you think that would be a tricky thing to balance? 

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  1. He wasn’t a very good father so how can he be a good grandfather. What an example he set for his sons , do they want him passing that lesson on to his grandchildren too???????

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    • His sons seem to get on well with him,who are you to pass judgment? Do you know them intimately,or do you just believe what the sensational magazines say?

    • He didn’t know how to be a father how could he possibly be any kind of grandfather!!

    • He gets on well with his boys. And who do you think helped them with their grief when their mother died. Of course Charles did.

  2. Good on him for wanting to be involved with his grandchildren !! We learn as we get older!! No one is perfect.

  3. Of course they should be included in the children’s lives. These innocent children have two sets of grandparents who love them and want to be part of their lives.

  4. How would you like to be forced to marry a virginal person who you didn’t love just to provide heirs he looks like he has a good relationship with his sons and looks very happy to be with the person he loves blame his grandmother and mother for the dysfunctional family life with Diana they were both victims of the family.

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    • You’re right. The reality is Charles always loved Camilla, and he never loved Diana. That was obvious in an interview he gave after their engagement. Protocol forbade him from marrying the woman he loved, and forced him to marry someone considered “suitable”. Let’s be honest, Charles and Camilla are much better matched than Charles and Diana ever were.

    • Susanne, at last someone has seen it for what it was. Marriage to Diana was a terrible mistake, should never have happened. Terrible for Diana and Charles. They were both unhappy and made bad choices. Charles should have married Camilla in the first place. All this nonsense about having to marry a virgin! That turned out well. Not!

    • He would have been wasting his time trying to fight it back then Julie. Rules were rules, and not to be broken – and they weren’t rules written by the Queen or Queen Mother either. Princess Margaret was forced to separate from the love of her life as well, the unsuitable Group Captain Peter Townsend. Part of Diana’s legacy is the inevitable failure of her marriage forced those who administer the rules to realise the rules needed to change.

    • Although Catherine and William dated over the course of eight years on and off. And other royals date many people so who is to say what their status is?

    • Charles should have been allowed to marry Camilla years ago it would have saved a lot of heartache and scandal for Diana. She may have found happiness with someone else. That obviously wasn’t to be. Her sons seem to get on well with their father and step mother. William and Kate will want harmony for their children. Life moves on we can’t live in the past. Why be bitter. That’s no disrespect to Diana’s memory.

  5. Sounds like a lot of families….you can’t please everyone all of the time. The family needs to grow up and stop being so petty and leave Kate and William alone to rear their children themselves.

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    • Totally agree Avis, Carmilla is only a step grandmother personnaly i dont like the women . Its up to prince charles to make the effort to be involed in his grandchildrens lives .

  6. As long as the children’s mother is no longer expected to curtesy to Royalty if her husband is not present and as long as the parents are the decision makers in all aspects of the childrens lives, then include them. they need to be just that, grandparents and not royalty in their contact!!!

  7. Why do people say that Prince Charles wasn’t a good father? His sons obviously love him as you can see when they are relaxing together. We the public DO NOT KNOW what went on nor will we. Leave them alone. …

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