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60-year-old 2GB host and “shock jock” Steve Price, who is a regular on the Project and a participant in their media meetings, has publicly conflicted with host and Gold Logie winner Carrie Bickmore on breastfeeding and we want to know what you think. Is breastfeeding something women should be encouraged to do anywhere – walking, sitting, in the workplace, and such – or do you think it should be discreet and focussed activity?

Steve Price tweeted out the below on Tuesday afternoon, and has possibly lived to regret it as he was progressively attacked by the breastfeeding population and his own Twitter followers too, many of whom have used nasty language to describe his thoughtless tweet. And then, as he thought the Twitter world had settled, in his own semi-regular slot on the Project, his seeming friend, Carrie Bickmore attacked. Bickmore, who is a mother-of-two, took offence to the 60-year-old’s view that women should breastfeed while sitting down, “Well I look forward sitting on your lap in the meeting next Monday and doing it…”

Price has attempted to justify his tweet saying it was done while walking through the crowded Melbourne Airport with his wife and two daughters. “I think walking through a crowded airport is an unusual place to breastfeed a child”.

On the TV, he spoke openly about his own breastfed children. “If my wife and I got off a plane – and we have two daughters, she breastfed both of them – and Wendy said to me “I think I might breastfeed Lucy while we walk to the car”, I would say ‘Are you insane? Sit down and do it properly'”.

But Bickmore was looking for a fight knowing how hard won public breastfeeding have been. “Why do women have to do it discreetly, what is your issue with it?”

Price responded to Bickmore’s continued attack. “In fact three weeks ago in a production meeting at The Project you were breastfeeding your gorgeous little baby daughter so if I had a problem I might have said something”.

Again Bickmore retorted “absolutely but you used the words discreet public breastfeeding OK, which means you clearly think it should be done privately in a room away from you”.

“And just for your information, we feed where we want to, not where you want us to”.

Steve Price has 12,100 followers and can clearly open the hearts of many Australians. Pitched against Bickmore’s 146,000 followers it is unclear who the winner is here.

Do you think Steve Price was out of line, or is Bickmore making too much of his tweet? Share your thoughts today.

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  1. I am a mere male but it seems to me that the reason women were given breasts is so they can feed their babies, unless things have change since the wife and I had children, a baby knows when it is hungry and they don’t seem to run to much of a timetable, walking or sitting I think it would be more of a crime not to feed that child

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    • Yeah, Wonder how Steve’s ears would have responded to bub crying the place down. Seems no-one likes that either.

    • It isn’t difficult to know your baby’s schedule and feeding times…every 3-4 hours isn’t it? I think women have become very exhibitionist, and in this case, a little modesty and discretion would have been appropriate. Steve is just a bit old school, and there is nothing wrong with that, we aren’t against breastfeeding, and there are far more important issues that we should be arguing about.

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      • Breast feed babies are not on schedules plus if they are having a growth spurt they need to be fed VERY frequently. It is how they increase their milk supply.

    • Well said David, people need to grow up & get over the one eyed view of breasts only being sexual objects, they are there for a reason, I say if the baby’s hungry feed it, that’s what nature intender, stuff what stupid people think.

    • My son fed every 2 hours during the day, and often every half an hour to an hour during the “cluster feed” in the afternoons, when going through a growth spurt. Babies don’t always feed on schedule – surely you have some days where 3 meals is enough, and others where you snack all day?

      But that is all besides the point. No woman is trying to be an exhibitionist, it’s all in your perverted imagination. It is an important issue when a woman’s legal right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime is constantly being called into question and she is accused of being anything other than a mother feeding her baby.

  2. I think he made an error of judgment, I watched the show, he wasn’t criticising the woman just that she was walking, and he thought she should have sat down.he should not have commented at all. Men don’t multitask anyway, if I had needed to do the same I would have. But this time I reckon he just had a motor mouth, not intending to be judgemental

  3. Carrie Bickmore overreacted.

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    • 100%. She was spoiling for a fight.

      Price’s argument was that people should take the time to sit down and breastfeed, not do it on the run like a quickie-lunch at the Macca’s drive-through – no where did he attempt to assert control over where and when women should breastfeed.

      Although this is typical for Bickmore. She’s always the first person to uncharitably jump down Price’s throat when he misspeaks (possibly spurned on by her producer, as ‘The Project’ hadn’t made headlines yet this week.)

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      • Price opened himself up why tweet it if it was so unimportant stupid man

    • I think women should stick together and be more supportive of other women, especially Mums. Men have no say how can they understand the pressure to get somewhere you need to be, and feed your baby when it cry’s

    • Yes, I think carie Bickmore over-reactedand seemed to misinterpret what Steve Price said. He didn’t say breast feeding is unacceptable; he said it was not discreet to feed the baby while walking through the airport terminal. This is true. Most mothers would find a seat, sit down, and let the infant feed in some comfort. I had three children breastfed all of them and managed to travel by all forms of public transport without ever needing to feed the baby whilst walking! Cal down,Carrie 🙂

    • Bickmore thinks she’s some kind of God. I preferred the show when she was on maternity leave.

  4. It’s very natural to feed your baby anywhere you just need to be respectful of your surroundings and you can do it without being a disrespectful of everyone else around you. I would never have my breast out in public unless I had a feeding cloth over my shoulder and I belive that’s all Pricey was trying to say. Get over yourself Bickmore………

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    • I think she was responding to the undertone of what he he said. It was the words he didn’t use but clearly felt that I feel sure she was responding to.

    • Your right to breastfeed how you like, this mother’s right to breastfeed how she likes it. There is nothing disrespectful about feeding a baby, look away if you don’t like it.

    • I think there is nothing better than seeing a mother breastfeed her baby BUT as you say, she can be discreet about it. We don’t need to see all of her breast hanging out!! after all, she wouldn’t flash her breasts at any other time – would she??

    • too true..i agree.but then she’s a tv.celeb and i guess that says it all.i think she needs to pull her head in and does she feed in public??if not well then i think she needs tape over her mouth

    • Do some women enjoy making people feel uncomfortable? It is okay to feed your baby when it is hungry, but how hard is it to cover up lightly with a bit of modesty.. I m sure some women are just making a point. They are probably the same women who think it s terrible to bottle feed and make those mothers feel they are inadequate in doing so

    • It’s like society today all moving too much the other way. Bring back the old days of Respect and Manners…….

    • If you want to bang on about modesty, please aim your ire at the sexualisation of women in the media. You are exposed to far more breasts in magazines, on TV, at the beach, in movies etc. And actually it can be “that hard” to cover up. Not all babies will feed with a blanket over the head, you need to be able to check the latch, and the feed can take a long time, including the need to change sides, burp the baby, the baby can pull off, etc. No woman wants to deliberately flash anyone while breastfeeding, but given the nature of the act sometimes a breast is exposed. Just look away, it’s not that hard!

      Besides, I thought you were all concerned about the mother breastfeeding while walking, not whether she was covered up.

  5. I agree with him . Nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public at all , did it myself , my daughters also with their babies , but a little discretion and safety for bubs and mum , is a good thing . You are feeding your baby , they should be comfortable and peaceful too . You are not out there to draw attention to what you are supposed to be enjoying & bonding with your child . I think its time people stopped carrying on like animals and got some respect , for themselves & others .

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    • Well said. I fed my three girls as my daughter is doing now.No reason to make others feel uncomfortable though. It’s a special moment between you and your baby.

    • So much in agreement with you! I had three fed them all, and found no reason to walk through a crowded airport doing this, as you say the time you spend feeding is a small area of time between you and the baby, I found it too difficult to manage this quality time with my second two, and sadly gave up after a month or two. But if baby was hungry in those circumstances I would at least sit down and shield the public from the obvious view of my breasts, for my sake as much as anyone else, we were brought up to be respectful of others and that is lacking in our society now, its ME ME ME , and almost a deliberate confrontation by some women who want attention. Get over it! feed the baby and show some decorum. Covering up will not harm the baby after all. Isn’t that the main reason we do it,– for the baby?

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  6. Humans sexualise women’s breasts, we have them for one reason, to feed our children, I don’t watch these reality shows , they are all staged, this is good reason why

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    • You have raised a true fact, re breasts are sexialised, which is a normal response, just as the act of breastfeeding is natural and normal. However, sometimes I sympathise with the men if a breast is exposed (with or without bub attached) in public as it could lead to uncomfortable feelings, no fault of their own (Freudian reference here). I think breastfeeders should take this into account and exercise a bit of discretion for this very reason. But that can be done anyway, sitting or standing?

    • Julie after a glass of red I might be more inclined toward sex ( then again maybe not) but I do not lay down in the middle of the street every time I see a bottle shop, some men, not all need to practice more self control

    • Incorrect. If breasts sole function was feeding then they wouldn’t be erogenous. While the mammary might have started off solely as a tool of feeding, pleasure from sexual interaction via breastplay has been selected for throughout the era and is now a common part of human sexuality.

    • Ah yes, but we’re not men, so we can’t really comment. But good to see a lot of men making positive comments on this blog.

  7. Walking and feeding …Why not!!!

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  8. Breastfeeding has been around for centuries but it’s only recently that people expect it to be ok to plop out a breast any where, any place and in any situation. There is nothing wrong with breast feeding in public but the way it’s done without any modesty can be confrontational to the older generation. The point isn’t about public breastfeeding but about it being more about expressing the right to flash nude bits at will than any bonding nurturing feeding experience between a mum and her baby.

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    • Most women will breast feed their baby, and cover up the boob, its only common sense to do things discreetly.

    • Absolutely. Ladies seem to use breastfeeding in some instances as an excuse for showing off their breast. Fed both of my babies in family get togethers, on public transport, shopping centres but it was never an excuse to show off my breasts but an intimate moment with my child.

    • …It’s only recently that breasts have been considered something necessary to cover up, you idiots.
      If the older generation feels that confronted by nudity, they probably have some developmental issues that should’ve been seen to earlier but (thankfully) they’re gonna die off soon so it’s fine.
      Using the “confronting to the older generation” excuse is nothing but a tactic to stop progress in its tracks. Smh.

    • I might be considered part of the “older generation” and certainly my mother would. Please do not be offended, affronted or any other verb on our behalf. I support breastfeeding anywhere, any time, any how and I certainly am not confronted by nudity.

    • You know what no one has to hang anything out there for everyone to check out that they are breastfeeding. Do it comfortably for mum & Bub!

    • Talk about confrontation! I’ve discovered just how confrontational some young people can be if you even suggest a slight difference of opinion. They have a lot of growing up to do.

    • Breastfeeding has been the way babes were fed since the beginning of time. That’s what the breast was designed to do.
      Think people get too caught up with this.

    • By the way, Natalie Frost, it was our generation that not only bared our breasts in public, we were also known to burn our bras for women’s liberation. We didn’t have the need to “enhance” our breasts like you younger people! Nice nipples were the go back then.

    • Your lack of manners and your rudeness Natalie is the reason we have problems with Gen Y’ers like you. You were totally rude and disrespectful … something we have sadly come to expect from your generation.

  9. I agree with Steve—as he said—she could have sat down somewhere to feed—NOT walking through a busy airport

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