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All over Australia, beautiful photos of jacarandas are putting springtimes smiles on peoples’ faces.

Today we have a selection of the prettiest pictures that have been shared online of the Jacaranda trees. Is there a pretty one in your neighbourhood.

🌳 Into the woods 🌳 A photo posted by Paul K (@pkboo779) on

#JOcaranda // A stunning #jacaranda, by @emrube 💜

A photo posted by Jo Foster (@jo1foster) on

#jacaranda #spring #feelslikesummer #purple #swanvalley #perthisok #lovemyperth

A photo posted by @pierrehuembs on

#jacaranda #藍花楹 #westaustralia #西澳 #wa #applecross A photo posted by Ce Chen (@ce_chen) on

Jacaranda snow! Stunning walk through Hyde Park #picoftheday #hydepark #highgate #perth #jacaranda #awesome

A photo posted by Dan Hemsley (@danlhemsley) on

Loving how beautiful my new school is. #Australia #Sydney #usyd #beautiful #jacaranda #quad @sydney_uni A photo posted by Feiyang (@feiyangp) on

Do you have a picture you can share with us of Jacarandas in your town?

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  1. Not from Melbourne because they don’t Bloom until just before Christmas , then my Park in Prahran is beautiful with the Paths covered with a Purple Haze as well.

  2. I remember the one out front of my mum and dads house.It was huge,branches grew over the laneway next door to the yard on other side. My mum in her later years struggled to sweep the leaves and flowers off the driveway.Since the house was sold 3 years ago, I haven’t been out there as I want to keep that memory in my mind,and not of what they have demolished to make way for townhouses.

  3. Purple carpet. My daughter played in it. Hubby thought it messy. So so pretty. Neighbours hated it. Once a year of mess or colour depends who wears what glasses.

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