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Australia Post has officially reached self-parody level. After slowing down their delivery speeds, they’ve proposed a bold new plan to stay afloat: by raising basic stamp prices yet again.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia Post has made a formal request with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to raise the price of a single stamp from 70 cents to a whopping $1 – and up to $3 for large letters.

Across the board, these charges equal a 42.86% increase.

As a small mercy, concession stamps and Christmas cards (60 and 65 cents, respectively) will remain at the same price.

The volume of letters sent through Australia hit peak levels at 2008 and has been falling ever since. Australia Post has proposed these changes as a way to stay financially sustainable.

BusinessDay reports that the commission will now be considering the proposal, considering whether the increase is fair, whether Australia Post is managing its costs well.

The commission is accepting comments from the public. Click here to share your constructive feedback.

Australia Post is hoping to introduce these new prices at the same time as the new two-tier delivery speed, which will slow postage speeds by two days, rendering the existing postage speed a premium “priority” service.

But hey, it’s worth it, right?


Do you still post letters? How much should a basic stamp cost?

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  1. They’re expensive and inefficient with the Internet being used increasingly instead of paper deliveries…Now they want to charge more for their out of date services.

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  2. Putting the price of snail mail won’t save them. Everyone can communicate so easily in so many different forms that snail mail will soon be obsolete.

  3. Everything else has gone up, so why not stamps what’s the biggy ? One whole dollar for a letter to be taken manually from one side of the country to the other are you people serious ?

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    • I love your comment, you are obviously a realistic person, I work for a global transport company, the cost of fuel and wages rise, therefore freight charges have to go up…

    • Thanks Kay I am on a fixed income but I couldn’t complain about the cost of a stamp as you know it has taken years for stamps to increase to this price .

  4. The oldest trick in the book. The old “we are not making any money, so let’s put the prices up” How many Businesses have gone broke using this theory. If you are having financial difficulties LOWER your prices, and you will get MORE customers, which means MORE money. Simple.

  5. I don’t understand how they are not making money. Sure people write less letters but with everyone buying over the internet surely their parcel business must have increased. I sent and receive parcels regularly and it is not cheap.

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    • Mike here-parcels are apparently very profitable but they are kept as 2 seperate business’ so 1 doesn’t rob profits from the other & the CEO takes his bonus from the highest performer.

    • People by stuff over Internet and it is delivered by Toll. I know because my husband works for them. Australia Post is not involved.

  6. Honestly. one dollar for one letter. How many letters do most people send? I love the postal service. It is a personal service that we don’t get anymore. The people who grumble about this are tight arses. But don’t mind spending one hundred or more on a bottle of wine! The rich may not need this service but MANY ordinary people do.

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    • Unlike you I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t post letters and with these price rises I have no intention of starting

    • Leanna Stephenson did you read what I wrote? I don’t drink either, I said that the ones who do grumble about one dollar for a stamp but THEY pay so much for a bottle of wine or whatever!

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