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The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll is out and its results are frightening for Tony Abbott. In fact, they are so polarising, we want to take our own poll today and find out how Australia’s over 60s feel. Fairfax_ipsos

According to the poll, taken of 1402 people over a three days period from 13-15 August, Malcolm Turnbull has now considerable lead over Tony Abbott as the most popular Liberal Leader and Prime Minister, and the polling numbers flag that the Liberals could lose 36 seats if an election was held with the swings forecast of 7.5%.  On a two party preferred account, Libs again sit 8 points behind Labor at 46/54. Primary support for the Government has slipped to 38 percent, with Labor at 36 percent.  For the libs that is down from 46% primary in the last election.

The government expenses debacle has taken precious points away from the Liberals, disappointing Australians on all fronts.  And marriage equality, which is turning into a popular issue that is now advocated for by more than 68% of the population, yet the Abbott government has failed to resolve their handling of it, and are starting to show individual sets of opinions among their ranks that smell of disunity.

Monday  is a critical day for the Government which is expected to try and tackle the marriage equality issue with an agreed response in their cabinet meetings.  But if numbers continue at these levels, it locks in voter disappointment that might just afford Malcolm Turnbull the opportunity to eject him from the seat.

Take our poll today and ask your friends to do it too, by sharing it online.  We should be able to gather a similar quantity of opinions to Fairfax, centred in the over 60 market.

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Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. I would like to know what the qualifications are of the people who run this site (Starts at 60). Did you set this site up with a hidden agenda? You tend to be biased towards one political party – you should be neutral.

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    • It is a very neutral site. But citizens have their own opinions & make comments accordingly. We live in a ‘democracy’ although I feel sometimes we are made to think we are but the gov is making more & more rules & limitations for us.

    • Not happy Gail, neither am I, this government is the worst I can remember and I acknowledge that all governments have problems in getting it right. The reason for this looking one sided is that this is the government of the day, I think I can safely say that the next government will be subject to the same scrutiny.

      It’s a scrutiny of government not of any particular political party.

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      • The worst government ? Has everyone forgotten the mess Labor has left us in and now this Gov is trying hard to rectify it. Thousands more jobs have been created and still going when more roads are being built, plus the ships which will create again more jobs. Billions saved from having the boats stopped. taxes being fixed, small business being helped. The money is not being spent of irresponsible projects as labor did but in projects that will see enormous benefits for the future.

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        • Sorry Carol but the boats have not stopped but the Govt just refuses to let the peoplè know. Also they are spending billions trying to stop the boats and locking all the refugees in the detention centers.
          Who do you think pays for the guards who are attacking and raping the women and children??
          The Govt does of course with our taxes. They have also doubled the deficit in the two years they have been in power and have no path to a surplus in the future. They are the worst Govt in history and have no idea how to manage the economy. Unemployment is the highest in fifteen years and they have destroyed the manufacturing industry not to mention destroying the climate change industry. The Libs are the laughing stock of the world and a total embarrassment to Australia.
          Thankfully Australians appear to be waking up to this corrupt and lying Govt. Wake up Carol and don’t believe all you read in the Murdoćh papers.

    • Gail Mathieson, you can stick your head the sand all you like but this Poll result was on the tv news tonight and is all over Social media, your another one who wants to stop the truth for getting out, don’t blame the messenger and that SAS is, blame the party you voted for, if they were not so incompetent the poll result would be different

    • Judy, the lean to the left is a result of the governments performance, if you feel that this is not a true reflection of their performance please feel free to share your view.

    • Hi Gail. No, we have no ulterior motive. I am the founder (Rebecca Wilson) I have a double major degree in Politics, Journalism and business. I have been passionately working to build a great place for over 60s on the Internet for 2.5 years (there are a few copycats now but we are the largest and are not just here to flog you stuff like others). I deliberately do not take a political stance, nor does anyone on our team. Our site is here for over 60s to talk to each other, not for you to hear my opinion or any of the opinions of our team. It is a conversation site, discussing trending stories on the internet – 60 year old to 60 year old. You’ll find our team rarely joins in the conversation; just works very very hard to bring you things that might be interesting to talk about. Rest assured we have very high values, don’t let any company misrepresent to you, nor do we present anything other than referenceable facts. We always declare any sources in our articles too. Hope this helps you have trust for the environment. It is very important to me that you understand the back-story. We are highly ethical! Regarding our political position… well – we simply don’t ever take one… If you read the article again you’ll see it. We present the facts and let other people choose how to debate the subject Hope this helps. We want you to love it here and even contribute if you want. Your voice is more important than ours! That’s our motto! We reach over 750000 over 60s per month and 2.4 million pageviews. We work really hard for you!

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      • you are doing a great job Rebecca and I’m so grateful for this site – so informative and great to be able to “chat” with our age mates when our generation can feel a bit left out of the internet hype and social media is such a great tool for connecting and exchanging viewpoints! We are a great cohort well-educated and informed and enjoy eachother’s views and opinions! Supporting freedom of speech is critical to democracy. I think you have the balance right as well with lots of fun items as well as the more serious stuff. Keep up the good work!

    • Judy Potts, you r so right and old fashioned, you said you wanted a statesman not a states person, shame on u

    • Gail the post only repeats what is general news all over Australia today. The survey gives you the chance to express through a poll your preference of Party and leader. One can only wonder at what way this shows bias by Starts at 60. In fact it gives an excellent opportunity to those people in our age group, who are seen as rusted on conservative voters, to show our feelings. Can Starts at 60 be accused of bias for only trying to assess if todays poll result is indeed accurate across our age group. I think not.

    • I have never been approached to participate in a Poll. Just exactly what type of people do participate in Polls, and what area of the countryside do they live? The way the World is now-a-days, currently, there is no Australian politician on offer who could cope better than Tony Abbott. Libbi Elliot, for your information, I am not an ostrich. Whoever is voted in, should be allowed to get on with their job for their Term – then judge thereafter. I choose to remain on neutral ground, and I keep my ears to the ground. I repeat my question, exactly who are the people hiding behind this site, and what are their qualifications?

    • It’s simple Gail Mathieson, unfollow this site if u don’t like, because I do and many many over 60’s do.

    • Starts at 60 If you can find me a positive topic on the other side I’d be happy to present it for discussion. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be giving us much fodder of late! (Rebecca)

    • It’s worth noting that a recent poll indicated that over 65s were lnp biased. This was the only age group that leaned to the right.

    • I think your question was answered Gail by Rebecca Wilson founder of Starts at 60! Did you not see it? Btw I have been approached for a telephone poll. It was when I lived in Chelsea in Victoria about 17 years ago. Judged thereafter – after the Term you say – I cannot help but judge weekly or even daily. Tony Abbott is NO leader. I constantly cringe …ooooohhh no way do I think he is a leader – of anything.

    • I am not over the age of 65.

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      • May be you have strayed into the wrong group Gail? Our hornets nest of old fogies or raving socialists from the era of free tertiary education,
        Women’s Lib and Vietnam protest marches is a pretty mixed bunch you know. How about reading the stream before you respond?

    • Fred Davies , I am not over the age of 65. I try to remain neutral, and let time do its job. There is no such thing as a perfect human being, and people should be given a fair chance to prove themselves in any job – and without interference from every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    • This post is definitely on the news today and will be in every news paper tomorrow, it is already on the news websites on facebook, I don’t want to be lied to and I am sure either do any other Australians. I am grateful for the opportunity to voice my opinion

    • Well I am so over the gay marriage debate, time to talk about the Ice problem destroying many young people and ways to try and start repairing this issue!!

    • I’m afraid “Starts at 60” rarely runs a subject complimentary of the Government. Thats shows it does have a political bent to the left whichever way you look at it. Sorry Rebeca your explanation doesn’t wash with me.

  2. Absolutely would not vote for Abbott. His syance on coal mining and coal seam gas mining, his history of dislike of women, his stance on equality for marriage, the sheer embarrassment I feel when he speaks, my worry that Abbott is just not in touch with the Australian public, can I go on? And as for Pyne, Hockey, Bishop (both of them) and Hockey’s little friend from Finance, I just don’t trust any of them to work for the best interest of Australia, this beautiful country that I love.

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  3. Abbott said it himself. “Disunity is death.” The disunity in the Liberal Party is glaringly obvious. The Liberal Party did itself a huge disservice by not dumping Abbott last February. The small wave of dissatisfaction last February is quickly becoming a tsunami.

  4. Great minds and SAS think alike haha I was just reading this on a news website, The Liberals are headed for a massive wipe out..a loss of 35 seats or more

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  5. This poll is only saying what intelligent Aussies already knew, this Government is walking disaster and it has imploded on them, not long till the next election and they are heading backwards 🙂

  6. OMG I am so over this topic … This ‘click bait’ is starting to drive me crazy. Seems very lazy to keep picking the same old, same old every day (or so it seems).

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    • Thanks for the feedback Judy. This is not click bait. It is a media story. The poll was released less than an hour ago. We discuss topics here at Starts at 60 that are trending. If we were three days late we’re sure you’d be just as concerned

    • But you seem to focus on Tony Abbot and the polls. Polls don’t necessarily show a true indication of people’s opinions, it all depends on who and where the polling is and is easily skewed. So many comments reflect that people really tired of this subject which appears to be driven by sites such as this.

    • I’m not tired of this topic Judy Potts.
      The situation we are in with this government should interest us all if we care about our future!

    • I absolutely agree with you Judy… I think [email protected] are very pro labor… Give it a rest [email protected] I’m over it I could care less about the poles. The media drive them and are clearly left wing media… Sickening really!

    • I am pretty sure you are over it, Judy Potts and John Plummer, because you are pro liberal and find it difficult to face the reality of this appalling government. Just guessing.

    • Pro labor or pro liberal if not interested don’t read and definitely don’t take your time to comment and just move on to one of the other subjects

    • gee children if your not happy go somewhere else, why spoil it for people who do like this website, SAS is doing a good job, you can’t please everyone all the time

    • Actually Judy, the polls are a very accurate reflection of public opinion. They’ve been remarkably accurate at predicting recent election results. And anyone who doesn’t believe the pollies don’t watch them like a hawk is kidding themselves.

    • We could have labor back and their continual borrowing and spending… If you like, then when your grandies are talking Chinese and you’ve lost all your real estate to a Chinese government who could care less who or what you like then you’ll really have something to bitch about!

      As I grew up my dad warned me of such a time when countries take over… They take you’re property and everything.. Really they don’t care, oh you want to fight ay!!! Idiot they will kill you and your family…

    • Why do conservative people always think everything has a left bias? I am a swinging voter & consider myself a moderate. I don’t see any political bias

    • John Plummer We sit on the fence John Plummer. It is the over 60 community that places opinion on top of our content which is politically agnostic. When Abbott does something terrific, we write about that too!

    • Oh wow, did he do something terrific?? Please tell me ? 🙂 And just for the record I am not anti Liberal (being a swiinging voter and am pro both parties) however I am totally anti Tony Abbott !!!

    • Thank you for that Merran… Yes it was a post on Facebook…

      So my guess is Rebecca Tony Abbot has never done anything terrific is the implication!

    • Name something terrific that Abbott has done then we will all be better informed. I am sadly lacking any knowledge in that area..

    • It’s far easier to accomplish great things if your policies allow you to borrow BILLIONS of dollars for future generations to try and pay back…

      Tony Abbots “Great things” would start at trying to make Australia live within its means! And pay back the Billions of dollars borrowed by labor while trying to honour debt created by labor and honor commitments and promises based on the lies labor told prior to the election! Whilst battling a disgusting senate who blocked such restrictions!

    • John I think Beryl’s request (in response to you complaining about bias against TA and the LIBS on this site) was for you to post something good that TA has done – something ‘terrific’. You have only posted something you WISH the LIBS would START to do – not what they have done.

    • He really needs to go to much controversy I can’t say much for the opposition either they all seem to be out for themselves rotting the system very sad

    • Yes Glynis – I think so too. Abbott has been a shocker. But like you – I don’t have much respect or admiration or hope in any of the current Politicians. I do believe Turnbull has been circling stealthily though.

    • John Plummer
      You go on about the debt that Labor left. That is bias reporting in itself.
      Because you fail to acknowledge the debt that the LNP have run up. They have more than doubled the debt in less than half the time.
      Plus, labor used the money to benefit all Australians. The LNP have used the money to but billions of dollars worth of fighter jets that no other country would buy because of their bad reliability, to buy millions of dollars worth of armoured cars to cart Abbott and his cronies around in, to fly their members and families around the world on happy trips, to bring foreign workers into the country, to spend millions on searching for a plane that they will never find, to spend millions on a royal commission with a bias commissioner and no guilty results. They have taken money from our health services, our education, our welfare services and we have the highest unemployment rate in 10 years.

    • Love to participate and do my vote. Thank you so much for a favourite site. I appreciate the effort you put in consistently and have learnt so much. Go you good girl xx

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