PM won’t let frontbenchers on Q&A – yet allows backbencher to front ‘anti-Islamisation’ rally 357



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We were shocked and saddened by the distressing images over the weekend of the Reclaim Australia protest in Melbourne, and those held across the country on Sunday.

While Reclaim Australia does not officially identify itself as anti-Islam, its vocal supporters include openly extremist factions, up to and including swastika-tattooed neo-Nazis. And it begs an important question: is this a group Tony Abbott should allow his ministers to support?

In Mackay, Nationals MP George Christensen spoke at his local rally. While he was aware of the group’s extremist ties, he chose to stand behind the organisation’s core principles.

On Friday, Mr Christensen wrote in The Guardian, “Hell will freeze over before I pull out of Reclaim Australia rally.”

He assured readers “there will be no skinheads turning up at the Mackay rally”, but “if there were I would tell them where to go”.

On Sunday, 300 people showed up at the peaceful rally and Mr Christensen spoke.

He said, “We would be foolishly naive to think that we are not at war with radical Islam.”

“Our voice says we will not surrender, we will not sit idly by and watch the Australian culture and the Australian lifestyle that we love, and that is envied around the world … we are not going to see that surrendered and handed over to those who hate us for who we are and what we stand for.

“It is extremism of any kind that we must guard against, it’s ordinary folk like you people here today who must speak up.

“It is we who must not give in to the bullying and the intimidation and speak without fear to our friends and family, our neighbours, people all through our life.”

A small group of anti-racism protester attended the rally, with one holding a placard reading: “Shame George shame!”

Last week, Labor immigration spokesperson Richard Marles suggested the Prime Minister should “show some leadership” and “stop a member of his Government from addressing and promoting Reclaim Australia events”.

“It is extraordinary that a Government MP will address one of these rallies and that the Prime Minister is allowing it,” he said.

“Tony Abbott is happy to stop members of his Government from appearing on Q&A, yet he allows Coalition MPs to attend these racist rallies.

“Divisive and inflammatory actions from members of the government undermine efforts to build community harmony. Social inclusion involves concentrating on what brings us together, not whipping up division.”


Is there a double standard in the way our government is handling “freedom of speech”? Is Q&A truly more dangerous an influence than Reclaim Australia?


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  1. You are a disgrace Abbott if this is true….how dare you! You came here from England so we could say reclaim Australia from migrants like you but we don’t! The only people who need to have their part of Australia reclaimed are our indigenous Aboriginals. You are destroying our beautiful country with your racist and homophobic narrow minded arrogance. …you should stand down as PM NOW!

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    • Homophobic? Racist? I’m not afraid of homos or dykes, but their lifestyle disgusts me and studies have shown that children do better with traditional parents than with two fags or two dykes and there is a growing chorus of dissent and dissatisfaction from the children of ‘same sex’ marriages to support that. As for racism, are you saying that objecting to Islam and Sharia law and what Musssies want to do in the name of Islam is racist? Well, if that is so, can you tell us what race Islam is and how one can change one’s race and hence D.N.A. simply by uttering a few words as that is how someone not born a Mussie can become one. Now I suppose you will start bleating about marriage equality, but can you explain how a tiny minority of about 1% can be equal with about 99% of the population? In any case we have Boston MA in the U.S. as an example of what happens when homos & dykes get to hijack traditional marriage, as well as in Idaho and other states, and if you ask me being punished for not wanting to perform a same sex marriage or bake a wedding cake for queeros or simply peacefully disagreeing with homosexuality doesn’t sound like equality or even decency, but obnoxious, overbearing stormtrooper type imposition of views by the tiny minority on the vast majority, and certainly what this person says does not suggest queeros (like you?) simply want equality assuming you have a right to it.

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      • ians comments are so boring and predictable , the article is about something totally unconnected yet he twist his narrow minded little mind around t o espouse hatred. I mean please mussies! they are Muslim as some here are Christian and lets start on that shall we. hmmm The Crusades or the inquisition. or maybe that all black people are the devil and women are second rate citizens. and then lets call people homos and fags. it is all discrimination. I am NOT A SECOND RATE CITIZEN SIR!!!!!!! but I guess if you are married, then your wife sits in the kitchen waiting for you to unchain her from the sink so she can fetch your slippers. and of course your evilness is derived from the bible so you do not eat certain foods, your wife previously slept in a separate house when she menstruated and you only had sex to procreate. it is all there. AND by the way the thing about your fags was only written in to the bible in very recent times. the original bible said zilch in fact your jesus said his TWO commandments were it full stop. now lets hear you name the articles about the children. coz of course you believe children need mum and dad and you very seriously oppose divorce as a result and constantly write to your federal member about that. Cakes well it is called democracy and law, I hope though if you ever go to places like Daylesford you do not go to most of the shops as I am arranging a don’t serve the heteros . see how you like it. HYPOCRITICAL HOMOPHOPIC DISGRACE that you are. maybe you should head of to a country that better serves your little view of life. and that leta out most of the americas, europe, asia , hmm maybe a MUSLIM country might take you

    • Ian Person – why don’t you use you real name or supply you photograph on your Facebook page. People like you are know on Facebook as trolls – why don’t you go back to Troll Land and leave genuine posts free from your hatred.

  2. I think it is disgusting that little March of Reclaimers in Sydney was pathetic, all this does is create trouble. These people to the far right are paranoid and delusional and Abbott is encouraging the disharmony in this country

  3. The whole thing is ridiculous, last on the news was man who immigrated her from Yugoslavia dressed as a knight, he was on the reclaimers side, well they never had knights in Yugoslavia and in modern times the Serbians had the biggest mass genocide of Muslims. These people who come to our country need to keep their prejudices out of Australia..or get out we don’t want them here causing trouble and Abbott is aiding and abetting them

  4. I get so upset by all of this, sometimes I have to shake myself and think is this happening in Australia? What do these idiot people think are going to achieve? They will achieve nothing except disharmony here. Abbott is a disgrace..I know I know I keep saying that..but that is because he is!!!

  5. A small bunch of fruit cakes get on the streets and march for bloody nonsense and they are supported by our supposed PM? These delusional idiots are going to force the Muslim community into actions they would not ever take here. Disenfranchised Muslim youth watch this and feel more out of place in this country they are citizens of.. Abbott is condoning that kind of terrorism here.. he needs to go

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    • I fear that people are being pushed and even encouraged, towards our equivalent of the London bombings, Rozzy. Those that incite will be just as responsible for the outcome, as those who perform the actions.

    • Janette Webster I agree with Rozzy, you right wing nutters are putting these young impressionable Muslim kids between a rock and a hard place, and if everyone was on the streets protesting your kids and would be the first one to complain

    • Working on your & Rozzy’s theory…if I came to your place & punched you in the face, that would be because you had “forced” me to do it due to your attitude. Your attitude had left me between a rock & a hard place. Therefore in no way am I responsible for my behaviour because your attitude “forced” me to do it.

    • To enlarge on that…ALL convicted felons in jail were “forced” to break the law by being put between a rock & a hard-place…

    • & I can go on in this vain all day….anyone who tells a lie is not responsible for that lie because they were put between a rock & a hard place & therefore they were “forced” to lie…it was NOT their “choice”.

    • Why are there a group of people out there supporting those who have left their ” homes ” to come to Ours, and seem Hell bent on changing Our way of life, instead of assimilating into Our Society.

    • Barry so right , demanding every thing of us, they do nothing. Islam is a religion NOT a race, They have done nothing to fix the problem just whinge , I see photos of our people living in tents etc, and MOST economic country shoppers are all housed by the Govt, EVEN 4 houses for 4 wives. and one for DAD, and this is true, It is their religion, Tony Abbott better do better, not enough is being done to make every Muslim accountable for their problems. They have just brought their violence with them

    • These disenfranchised young Muslims have themselves only to blame, if they don’t like our way of life well tough. It’s not up to the rest of us to tippy toe around them for fear of upsetting their little sensitivities. Furthermore why should tax payers money be spent on them, let their own look after them. Isn’t what the halal rort is all about, money for their coffers?

    • They attacked America we retaliated United sadly innocent lives were lost . No one wins when religions & politics come into play .

    • Rossy, can’t see the trees for the forest, or don’t want to see the trees for the forest….Syria now there’s a nice little tribal war, hope they don’t come over here ay….take care and cheers Rossy….

    • Kerry Smith you are in Maitland I hardly think the Muslims are going to behead you there..silly man. You have more chance of being run over by a run away cow

    • fck all the sheet heads..they all need to be shot, beheaded and raped by goats…and never to breed again..yes i am racist, but only against these scum, and those idiots that support there way of life

  6. In Abbott’s family archive is probably a picture of him giving a Nazi salute….hints of things to come

  7. I’m surprised the front benchers weren’t ordered to be front and centre!! Gotta keep the plebs terrified and in their place. What better way to scare us all into submission? Let some misguided ‘reclaimers’ scream their hate into the media machines and we are all supposed to quake in terror at the ‘imminent threat’.

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