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If you’re like me, then your dog is your favoured companion above most other people. I’m sorry, folks but it’s true! And I adore the handsome labrador retriever more than anyone or anything I know.

But, some interesting research has showed that even though he is my best friend, he isn’t necessarily the best furry friend around. Why? Because a research team has worked out what dogs are really “mans best friend” and have ranked them all on the below visual map.



The research, which was done for his website, Information is beautiful, ranked each breed on cost, intelligence, health, lifespan, and ease of grooming.

The Border Collie came first followed by the Border Terrier, Cairn Terrier and the Brittany. Many of the dogs we love like our English Cocker or Springer Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, Bichon Friese and the Australian Cattle Dog and Australian Terrier were all in the best third. And the poor little Bulldog actually was classified as the most overrated dog.

So, there is a little fun piece of Sunday information for you!

Now, please watch the adorable puppy video below and tell us, what kind of dog do you have? Where does it stack up on the rankings? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. I have a blue heeler hes lovable and smart.
    I also have a malteze shitsu. Cute to look at disobedient stubborn and would poo anywhere plus he takes off all the time. One hell of a headache. Hes 5 the blue heeler is 10 months. Go figure that out.

  2. A rescue dog. Has been with me 6 years. She is now around 12 years old. My best friend. Never abuses me, never tells me I’m not good enough, is always there for me.

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    • Wife has a Mini Foxy, Eldest boy has a Smithfield Blue Cattle, Mum has a Red cattle, & a cross Chihuahua Foxy. Love them all, & they love me. Mini Foxy tells me off every time I go out & don’t take her with me.

  3. We have a West Highland terrier. She is so good best dog ever.

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    • Hi Kathleen, Our Westie is called Gemma, love her so much. Had another Westie 30 years ago and he was lovely as well but Gemma is such a good girl and such a big part of our family.

    • Hi Karynn, my little boy is ‘Wee-Jock’. He gives me so much love & devotion I can’t imagine what life would be without him.

  4. Boxer /Bull Masstiff cross. The most gentle dog I have ever owned. Her Mum was a rescued dog dut sadly I lost her to cancer.

  5. We sooooo want a dog but have just started our retirement travelling and it wouldn’t be fair to bring a dog into our home and then disappear for extended amounts of time. Our day will come though for another Australian Terrior

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    • We used to take our other big boy camping with us, wherever we went, he went. Even if we went to family BBQ’s it was a well known fact that Boof would be with us. Sadly he left us in June this year, but I now have a gorgeous rescue puppy, another big boy, who has just been on his first camping trip. I seriously can’t live without a dog in my life, their unconditional love does it for me.

    • Makes me so happy when I read of other rescue dogs, I wish more over 60’s would consider them

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      • Hi Linda,
        You will be happy to know we oldies have four rescue dogs, a bluey, a border collie, manchester terrier and a fox terrier, they give us unconditional love loyalty and companionship, i often advise friends and family when they are considering getting a puppy to go and just see the rescue dogs, and a family member has just rescued a rooty who he wont leave even to go to family events such is their bond of frienship.

    • Have you thought about being a puppy carer for Seeing Eye Dogs or Guide Dogs, where you care for the puppy from 8 weeks to around 12-15 months until they go into full time training. They can go everywhere with you when they wear their little official jackets, including hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, theatres, etc. all expenses paid and you’re helping somebody else whilst having the joy of a beautiful dog at the same time.

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