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This beautiful 20 month old Neapolitan Mastiff is homeless, and needs someone who can collect her from the RSPCA in Queensland to give her a new home.  She has become a Starts at 60 buddy, hoping our readers will reach out and search for the right home for her.  Can you help?

Breed: Neapolitan Mastiff

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year 8 months 4 weeks

Desexed: Yes

My ID: 749873

Adopt me from: RSPCA Brisbane

“Hi there my name is Tessa. I’m a larger than life girl looking for my furever home. I am a real sweetie who would best suit an experienced dog owner. I am still a big puppy at heart and can sometimes forget my own size and strength! I just think everything is fun and games! I would like my new family to continue working with me on my obedience training and also help me lose a few kilos. I will be up for daily walks followed by some down time inside in the evenings with my human companions. I would like to be the only dog in your life however if you have a mature, quiet canine at home I might be OK after a meet out at the shelter.”

Her adoption price is $315 and you can find more about the process of adopting a dog here… 

Have you ever adopted a dog?

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  1. Yes, I adopted my Bella over 6 years ago. RSPCA – Somersby. Love her my gorgeous girl.

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    • AAh! The dog and your name. I went to the council pound looking for my missing cat and a very skinny dog climbed up the cage and pretended to be my dog. The workers asked me every day was I sure she wasn’t my dog. No. I have a dog. Then one day I was told “She won’t be here tomorrow” Well! What can a person do? Home she came and I called her Josephine Rose so she would know she was a person in the house (with the other dog and two cats) and not a homeless dog anymore. That was 2000. She looked very similar to your dog and crossed the rainbow bridge on Nov 2nd. 2014.and now I’m getting teary typing this.

    • What a wonderful person you are. Lucky Josephine to have been adopted by you and the love and loyalty you had from her for 14 years is so precious. I’m getting teary also. Take Care Leone.

  2. When my friend wanted to adopt at the RSPCA Perth, there were only three medium sized kelpie type dogs. We were stunned. Went to Shenton Park next day, dozens and dozens waiting for a home, all shapes and sizes. Great people.

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  3. Yes adopted my dog nearly 2 yrs ago at RSPCA Tuggerah. Kelpie cross, name is Izzy(that was her name so we didn’t change it.) She was 8 weeks old she is just the best love her to bits and such a smart dog.

  4. These dogs are not for the faint hearted. They are very big and strong and could easily knock over a child or frail person. They are very prone to hip dysplasia and heart problems amongst others. Lifespan 8 to 10 years. They make good guard dogs which could be a problem if you have frequent visitors as they are very protective of their home.
    That said, I hope she finds a suitable home.

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    • Any dog is ok provided they have the right training & the person wanting to adopt is experienced with large dogs. To use this dog a guard dog is to do it a great disservice!

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