It’s a CAT-astrophe at the RSPCA this weekend 20



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All RSPCA Queensland Care Centres are bursting at the seams, particularly with adult cats and they need your help.  Can you adopt a cat into your home?

“We’ve decided to have a statewide sale,” said spokesperson Michael Beatty. “From this Saturday March 7th, all adult RSPCA cats (4 months and over) are available to adopt for $99! This adoption price also includes a free bag of Hills’ Science Diet and a bag of Kitty Litter too!”

When: From Saturday March 7th. 

What: All adult cats $99 PLUS free bag of Hills’ Science Diet plus a bag of kitty litter. 

Where: All RSPCA Care Centres, all over Queensland!

Starts at 60 are great supporters of the  RSPCA.

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  1. Love cats but don’t have any. Live in a over 55s village and they were kind enough to allow me my 2 rescue dogs.

  2. I would dearly love to have a cat but being on one’s own i fI get ill I have no one to look after same. Family live too far away. Went withmy sister yesterday down to see animals at RSPCA sale centre Too sad…

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    • Ron, what a pity you feel that way. A cat would be marvellous company for you!

    • You didnt find one Ron?
      Over the years I have had a couple of cats just turn up.
      Also stray dogs too.
      Good luck with your search.

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