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Do you love your beautiful pet? Do you hug your dog and tell them that you love them? Do you think you spoil your dog?

Well, there’s a very real chance that your beautiful pet hasn’t always had such a charmed life. This video needs to be seen, understood and shared. Puppy farms have to end.

We love our pets, some of us even more than the people around us, so we can’t let them suffer.

Watch the video below and tell us, how well do you know your best friend?


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  1. All our dogs have been “pound puppies” or “street kids”. All had very long and happy lives. No need for a pure bred dog. Especially if they are desexed. Less hassle too with other dogs hanging around, fighting etc.

  2. Our best friend came from local pound. She was on death row if no one claimed her. It was Xmas time and all animals had to be claimed, housed before the break. We took Jogirl home to see how she fitted in, but before my husband made it home, she had won his heart. As they were driving along, she put her paw on his leg and looked up at with her Staffy smile. We’ve had her for 10 years and all family members love her. Our vet calls her a special girl and we are travelling in our caravan with her and she is still winning hearts along the way.

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    • My Red Staffy also on death row at three…I had over 11years of loving her…she was a difficult customer at times but was brave in her ways

    • Beautiful I have a golden retriever 9yrs and Rotty pup 9mnths love them both to bits Bronte golden retriever so good with pup.

  3. I have seen this before and it does bring a tear but also anger that anyone would do such a thing, when caught the people should go to jail for a long time no ifs or buts 15 years at least

  4. My boy came from a breeder. How can anyone let an animal live like that, they should be put in the same position and see how they feel

  5. Our almost 3 year old lab came from Labrador Rescue….her Mum delivered 6 pups couple of days after coming into care…we drove from Brisbane to Canberra to bring her and her Brother back….He was for a nearby family…..Our previous Lab we puppy raised for Guide Dogs..then when she was taken off the programe came back to us for over 15 Years….

  6. Our beautiful little girl Mischa Rose came from a reputable breeder. She was the only girl in a litter of 5 and we got to meet her mum. She is now 7 months old and already rules the house.

  7. Our baby was adopted, she was a surrender. The people who had her before us were moving and couldn’t take her with them. They had her from a puppy, included in her adoption papers was her date of birth.
    We love our little girl to bits, she is spoilt rotten and she has my husband and myself wrapped around her little paw

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