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If you live in the suburbs, you’ll know that a barking dog and neighbours do not mix well! So how do you master that challenge? By teaching your dog to use their inside voice!

This beautiful dog has been trained to bark loudly, softly and very, very quietly!

So take a look at this adorable video and tell us, is your dog this well trained? Share your beautiful dog stories in the comments below…



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  1. My beautiful dog Aussie would greet us with a Hello and a smile

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    • My little boy is also called Ozzie, his fur sister was Kiwi ( she was all a all black dog) who unfortunately for me passed away earlier this year.

    • sorry for your loss I know ho wit feels, lost my beautiful Molly Sept 2013 (mauled by our 3 other dogs) and I had to put my Emma down as she was one of them. Miss them both so much.

  2. We have a VERY VERY cheeky puppy of around 9mths. She is fairly big and is going through a stage of being so cheeky. She barks so loud at the cat to play with her, then if she is in trouble i chase her outside to sit on her bed & trying to shoosh her, so she barks at me and cheeks me.
    If I close her outside she barks to be let inside. I brought her in and got her to sit on her bed & stay which broke the hysteria at the moment.
    Fairly at a loss as to how to change this bad behaviour. We have also just completed her Good Manners training about 2 weeks ago and she is ignoring everything

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    • Really by distraction, while walking her’that’s when you train her. She has to go back to puppy school learn to sit and heel never to jump etc it worked for both my rambunctious pair. Good luck.

  3. No our dogs are not well trained. Get very excited at meal times, & walk times. Not a good look sometimes, especially when we are away in our van!

  4. The dog next door to me non stops barking hour and half it is keep inside when put out side when owners go out it it starts up bored and barking. Kathy

  5. My staffie only barks when she wants to play or go for a walk and then it is only for a minute or 2.I live in an over 50’s village and most people have horrible little fluffy dogs that bark all day.Drives me mad sometimes.

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