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A dog in the American state of Pennsylvania has been shown to have a very peculiar concept of what it considered food.

Tiki, a black Labrador retriever, had been vomiting along with diarrhoea and lack of appetite, and was not responding to treatment. X-rays taken showed a mass in her stomach, so she was scheduled for surgery.

During a two-hour operation the doctors found a few surprises – eight pairs of underwear, 62 hair ties, four rubber bands and a Band-Aid.

“I found this hair band attached to another hair band to another one to another one and to other things again,” Dr Ibrahim, the vet who operated on Tiki told Pittsburgh’s WTAE News. The vet thinks Tiki consumed the items over the course of a few days.

“Four rubber bands, a Band-Aid, eight pairs of underwear and 62 hair bands is a lot to be in a dog’s stomach, especially of Tiki’s size,” said Emily Cottle, the hospital’s head vet technician.



Tiki’s owner said that this is not her first encounter eating things she shouldn’t. Previously she had eaten a toy Nerf dart, but that had gone in and out without a problem.

As for Dr Ibrahim, it’s not the first time he’s had to patch up a dog with an unusual food fetish. He recently surgically removed 15 baby’s dummies from the stomach of another dog. But he still labels Tiki’s food haul as the strangest he’s seen.

In a happy end to this story, Tiki has recovered well from last week’s surgery, and is back to bouncy good health.

And so far, underwear-free.

Have you had a similar strange story of a pet eating things it shouldn’t? We hope if you have that your story too had a happy ending. Let us know your stories in the Comments section.

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  1. My dog eats banana. Every time she sees me with one she goes crazy, spinning around in front of me till she gets some. I have checked with the vet, it is OK in moderation.

  2. Labradors are not called garbage guts for nothing. My dog prefers her raw vegetables, her favourite is broccoli, or lettuce with yoghurt dressing.

  3. My dog eats anything apart from clothes and shoes. She’s eaten parts of curtains and bedspreads and totally destroyed a lounge chair. That was when she was a puppy though. Now she prefers to eat broccoli, fruit, and her favourite vegie is carrots – at least one a day.

    I have to watch when the strawberries are starting to ripen – she got the lions share of them last year.

  4. Pegs (he loves them), ate part of the concrete outside when he was a puppy and also tissues. Socks. He is 3 now. Has never had to be operated on, but I get sick of a vet asking me if I am an illegal drug user and if he could have got into my stash when I bring him in ill. When he was a pup I realised just how dirty our streets were as when walking he picked up every bit of rubbish along the way. Not a lab – an airedale.

  5. Mine would eat anything which he saw my grandson eat 🙂 regardless of whether or not he liked it. I just read the other day that grapes are bad for dogs (like chocolate). Mine loved them and I used to often feed them to him.

  6. We were puppy sitting daughters Westie and Dad’s earplugs kept going missing. Several bright yellow poops later they were all accounted for!

  7. That dog would teach you to be very tidy, my dog ate the mesh bag from a chicken roll that you roast and couldn’t quite get rid of it, so I had to assist. The

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