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A Starts at 60 community member is demanding the newly appointed Minister for the Ageing give back all your entitlements.

Leesa Lewis says she has spoken to numerous Aussie pensioners who are doing it tough adn feel they have no voice.

One signatory gave this reason for adding her name to the petition: “I signed because my standard of living has DROPPED below that of a third World country. Australia is NOT a good country to live in when you are old.”

She has started the petition, which we have printed below, and which you can sign here.

Dear Minister Ley,
We are demanding that you give us back ALL of our entitlements.
Over the last few years all of our entitlements have been stripped away, eg: dental,way too costly to go and see dentists.
Spectacles now cost over $300 to $1000, no one can buy them.
Aged care services all slashed.
We are still paying taxes and over our working lives we have earned these.
We want them back

Why is this important?

I have been sent private messages from pensioners and some of the stories are terrible.

These are people born of an era where personal financial problems are not spoken out loud, but hidden within themselves.
Trying to get them to come forth is difficult because of embarrassment and they see themselves as failures.

I am going to give a list of some of the problems that are causing impossible financial situations for these people.

All utilities, power, water, gas cost have gone way too high and and discounts to the elderly are almost nil.

Council rates are virtually impossible to catch up.

When the above bills are paid there is little left to spend on the basics. Here you can count food as a basic. Most pensioners live on a poor diet, healthy food is just not on the menu, meat being the most expensive, they live on mince or cheap sausages if they have enough money to buy it.

A good percentage do NOT have computers and these are the people that are suffering the most. Rural living is the worst for these victims, no services from council, mail,garbage etc are non existent.

Most cannot afford home upkeep, that is if they have a home, plumbing costs skyrocketed where just a quote costs $200 for a rural resident. Electricians are the same.

Some are lucky to have a tv or radio, (I personally know of some that have neither).

Luxuries are out of the question, eg: hairdresser,makeup, new clothing, shoes. Cost of clothing is a huge cost and now even second hand is expensive, check out the Salvos at Murray Bridge, a jacket seen there by a pensioner cost $30 a new one same jacket was $25 at Millers. This costing price increase was with many of the item seen there.

Pets, most have a cat or dog as company yet they are told by vets if veterinary treatments are needed and they cannot afford it,to get rid of the animal. This is just plain cruel to both the pensioner and the animal.
Pensioners are given very little time to pay any bills and if they take longer as it often happens they are penalised heavily with extra costs.
I am sure i will add more over the next few months.
So I am asking that you all vote.
You will be old one day and who knows what is in your future.

A friend and I went to buy reading glasses and to our horror we found that they will cost us over $300-$1000 each and we just walked away.
I am sure I am not the only one that desperately needs glasses for everyday life but there is no way either of us can raise that kind of money. We live rural and it is 100Ks+ to go there and fuel costs are huge as well .

I have other friends that have paid them off but the company made her feel embarrassed every time she went in to pay a small amount and it took over a year.

We want a fair deal with our health.

Please sign this petition as the pensioners we are trying to help do not have computers to scream for help.

Leesa’s petition is here if you wish to sign it.

Are you shocked to learn that older Australians are doing it so tough? Will you be signing Leesa’s petition? 

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  1. Where can I sign the petition?

    1 REPLY
    • In the article there is a sentence that says to sign Leesa’s petition sign here. The word here is in blue and you click on it and it will take you to the petition.

  2. I agree with this letter 100% but you have to remember that under any LNP Government the pensioner is a forgotten item. The last increase we received was given to us by Julia Gillard, the first large increase in over 20 years. These days unless you are a minority or wealthy you can forget about receiving help from a conservative government. Sussan Ley won’t speak up for us, she is there for one reason and that’s to ensure the elderly get nothing, after all we are seen as a burden now on society and they forget that we paid our taxes, worked hard, didn’t sponge off the Government and most of us retired without superannuation because it wasn’t around in the days we worked.

    4 REPLY
    • They can’t afford to give us more money, Abbott left us with a parting gift, The Department of Defence paid Cairns food wholesaler Bidvest $77,042 to supply “fresh foodstuffs” for the trip. $77,000 for a few days, taxpayers pay the bill !!!! that would feed a lot of pensioners for a year

    • Superannuation takes away some of workers salary (which older people didn’t lose) and puts it away for their retirement. As a result workers now earn comparatively lower wages (around 10% lower) and do not have the luxury of being able to spend that money. Just because there was no super doesn’t mean you could not have saved for your retirement. I also cnnot afford dental care (I have 2 front teeth missing) or new clothes and shoes. I have just spent $250 (all my tax refund) on a new set of glasses to replace my 10 year old pair. I work hard for a living like most Australians and get absolutely nothing from the government which includes the fact that we will not even get a pension when we retire. My generation who have nothing are pretty damn sick of hearing retirees whine about wanting things that we can’t afford either and where is that money coming from – OUR TAX DOLLARS. If you can’t afford to retire then go get a p/t job – our generation won’t have the choice – if our super won’t cut it (and it won’t) we have to work til we die but you don’t hear us bitching to the government to give is more money do you???

    • Scott Bundy Condely, you know shite. Your super isn’t deducted from your salary it is in addition to it. In our day if we “baby boomers” wanted to contribute to super, we were required to deduct 5% of our weekly earnings (after tax) to be put towards a superanuation, if our employer had such a scheme in place. These days the govt. legislates that your employer provides 9 – 10% over and above your annual earnings (this is in addition to your normal) and places that in an industry super fund. So don’t tell me that you are forced to contribute, you are not. If you cannot manage your money or your wages are so low then do as the last LNP treasurer said, “Get another better paying job”

  3. nobody cares about the pensioners in our country, we’ve served our purpose and paid taxes all our lives, but now we are too old to be useful, I think 50 odd years of paying politicians wages should entitle us to a comfortable way of life for the few years that we have left

  4. It’s not acceptable to treat senior citizens as a burden to society, they forget who provided the lifestyle that’s enjoyed today. Perhaps we should consider a protest rally in Canberra or state capitals.

    3 REPLY
  5. If you only have the pension its almost imposible to live.

  6. Pensioners are the unsung hero’s of this country, they can virtually survive on a fresh air and a bobby pin but life is not easy for us in our golden years. The gold has badly tarnished and as we try to stretch our ever diminishing dollars more, we find the gold has turned to rust

  7. It’s a disgrace that our elderly are not looked after. My mother has had to sell her home and move in with us to continue being able to live off her pension. My mother is not wasteful and watches every cent she spends very carefully and has to continue to budget as all other pensioners do. I will most definitely sign but I feel it will fall on deaf ears. Come on Canberra put the pensioners at the top of the list and cut down on some of your extravagant and wasteful spending . If it wasn’t for your ageing parents you wouldn’t be sitting up there in Canberra with your fat pay cheques.

    1 REPLY
    • They visit Canberra as rarely as they can get away with. They hate Canberrans. Trouble is the rest of the community hates us too, as we are a handy scapegoat every time they need to score electoral points.

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