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Packing can be a tedious challenge. It doesn’t always need to be difficult and there can be ways around efficient packing that will make a huge impact on your travels!

Below are the top 10 hacks to packing that you should definitely know about!

1. Keep your perfume secure


2. Save your makeup from cracking


3. Store your cables in sunglass containers


4. Be smart with your lotions and creams


5. Store bobby pins in tic tac containers


6. Storage for belts, and helps to keep them stiff too


7. Fold your jackets inside out to avoid creases


8. Seal your liquids with glad wrap


9. Keep your jewellery tangle free with straws


 10. Use your pill pack for jewellery storage



What do you think of these tips for packing? Will you use them? Do you have any other tips for packing? Tell us below!!

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  1. Pack a power board… Charge all devices over night… With only one adapter…. Good advise from a friend!

    1 REPLY
    • Works so well – especially when you are travelling to multiple countries with different adaptors.

  2. Rolling clothes makes great use of space, and:
    Minimises creasing.
    Always make a list. There are Aps available too.
    Mix and Match for several outfit combinations.

  3. These are so helpful,in addition;shoes in shower caps,undies rolled in resealable plastic bags,Tees,shirts etc in large resealable creases.I am sure the creative members have many more tips.I start packing in 3 weeks!

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