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This week, community member Maria wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

I am in transition to retirement and would like to volunteer when I do. I don’t see me working in Salvos or taking patients out or doing food delivery to old folk. Can people please post how they volunteer and what’s involved? TA.

Can you help her? What is your advice?

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  1. I’m a volunteer with Palliative Care which involves spending time each week assisting an ‘at home’ palliative patient with anything (non medical) they might need or just keeping them company.

  2. Look in your area for a Lions Club, this can be very rewarding. Check with a local primary school to see if they need assistance with hearing kids reading or other tasks, you will have to undergo appropriate Police checks but it is rewarding. lifeline always need help as does Red Cross. When you start looking there are many organizations that would love to hear from you. Our Library here in Mount Gambier also has volunteers. Meals on Wheels too. I could go on but I think you will get the idea.

  3. I volunteer at our local hospital; I spend a morning a week in the neaonatal unit; I cuddle babies whose mums can’t always be present for whatever reason and generally help out. I also volunteer during the city’s junior eisteddfod as an usher. I love doing both.

  4. Start with the skills you bring from your working life, there are always organisations in the voluntary sector that need them, for me that was in the health and welfare field. I found that doing that opened other doors for me and gave me the chance to really decide how much time I wanted to give and in what area.

  5. I joined up with a View Club when we shifted to Melbourne. I have become friends with many of the members and it is a great cause. They help with the Learning For Life children and also work in with The Smith Family. We get interesting speakers for our meetings and enjoy different outings as well. It saved me as I didn’t know anyone and been retired was hard to meet and make new friends.you won’t regret joining?

  6. Start by looking at yourself. What are you good at? What do you love doing? How might your skills and passion help others?

    When you know the answers to those questions, go out and look for ways to volunteer. And if you don’t find them, make your own. 🙂

  7. It definitely depends on your interests. I volunteer with a wildlife rescue group. Caring for our beautiful native animals and birds is very rewarding.

  8. Working in a school with LAP (Learning Assistance Programme)….you need to find a school that runs a programme, I can give you info on that. You work with a child one-to-one for a whole year. Also what about trying out at your local animal shelter, or even becoming a guide at a gallery or wild-life park. Depends whether you prefer kids of animals.

  9. I volunteer as track guide and general information person at a National Park. They are always pleased to get extra help

  10. We volunteer at the Royal show each year, so many choices of things to do. If you live in Perth, you can look at helping at the visitors centre for tourists, also volunteering at the zoo.

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