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This week, Starts at 60 member Lyn wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

Recently my grandson started sucking his thumb, and his parents keep reprimanding him when he does it. He gets in trouble whenever he puts his thumb in his mouth, but I have to admit I let him do it when he babysits. My question is: what sort of harm is it doing, if any? I sucked my thumb and I don’t think it caused any trouble. Interested to hear what others think.

What is your advice? Does your grandchild suck their thumb?


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  1. My granddaughter does this and she is nearly 16. Not only is it not a good look but it has ruined her teeth and put a slight twist to her nose.

  2. Leave the child alone! They will get over it soon enough if they are in a secure loving family situation!!

  3. It can affect their front teeth, two of my granddaughters sucked their fingers when they were little but grew out of it over time, I don’t think going mad at them helps at all, just a gentle reminder when you see them doing it, we used to just say take your fingers out of you mouth,without making a big deal out of it, they eventually stopped doing it

  4. Have seen thumbs sucked so they are really skinny and can cost a lot in orthodontic treatment down the track, Maybe you were lucky.

  5. I still suck my thumb today especially when I am tired and I don’t think their is anything wrong with me over 65 and proud.

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    • It is YOUR thumb Jane and nobody else’s business what you do with it. It is also a darn sight cheaper and healthier than taking sleeping tablets.

  6. Get a dummy, I had one thumb sucker so when my youngest started I introduced a dummy. Best thing, only at home, I hate seeing toddlers walking around with a dummy in their mouth. Threw the dummy away when we were on holiday and it wasn’t missed.

  7. My niece did it for many years, luckily she didn’t have to wear braces, was pushing teeth out though, when she was older thumb still went near the mouth.

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