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This week, Starts at 60 member Hilkka wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

Hi, I’m 67 and been on the ‘no sugar’ diet for 7 weeks now, after reading David Gillespie’s books on the subject. Is anyone out there having similar difficulties coming to terms not eating sweet things etc, and how do I get ‘off’ this merry-go-round and not feel the need for something with a cuppa? I’ve tried nuts etc. but to no avail. Please help!

Can you help her? What is your advice?

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  1. I agree Hilkka – the cuppa time temptation is very hard. I’ve stopped having tea or coffee during the day, just at night to limit the sugar/ weight. Hopefully by then I’ll gradually not crave it

  2. Hilkka, I want to try that diet, but am on Warfarin do have to be careful what I eat. I like something with a culpa, so I have one biscuit instead of two, that helps with the craving. If I want ice cream I buy a pack of skinny cow at the supermarket. Just have a little less sweet each day till you no longer want it. Good luck.

  3. are you allowed to eat bananas or apples or dates? they might relieve the sugar craving if you are allowed them on the diet

  4. Hikka I replaced sugar in my diet with Natvia. It is a sweetness that comes from the stevia plant. There are about 15 calories in a teaspoon of sugar, I think Natvia is 0.6 calories per teaspoon. I make my own biscuits and cakes and use Natvia instead of sugar. That way I still have my sweet fix but don’t have the calories. I also have Natvia in my tea and coffee. In tea and coffee it tastes a little different to sugar but I got used to it very quickly. Hope this helps you – you can still have your biscuits and cakes – just make them yourself. I make cupcakes and freeze them. Then take one out when I want it. Biscuits have a longer shelf life.

  5. I use Rye Cruskits with Humous with Chilli and pesto,and that zaps and confuses the taste buds into not missing the sweet.

  6. As you cut out sugar, your tastes adjust. Whilst you may crave it now, if you can hang on in there, and keep going with the non sugary treats then you will find that before you know it, you really don’t like the sugar stuff. It just works that way so good luck.

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  7. Sugar free dieting must be related to a health issue such as diabetes, otherwise I cannot see a need to give up sugar entirely. As Fran says, it’s much easier to reduce your sugar intake over a period of time and use a sugar replacement as Pam suggests. I have type 2 diabetes and gave sugar the flick 20 years ago, at least reduced it to a minimum. I spend considerable time reading food labels checking sugar levels as well as the fat but it’s worth noting the GI rating as a low GI food helps maintain energy levels longer and reduces the cravings. Try to limit high sugar treats to a couple of times a week and in small quantity.

  8. I like a biscuit or three with my morning tea. I have a banana or 6 prunes soaked in water. I know they still have the sweetness but not the fat. Good luck. I couldn’t do it. I have a younger friend who has and has lost a lot of weight going sugar free and is looking good. According to her mother.

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