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This week, community member Michelle wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

Having been forced into retirement three years ago by an infection that lost me 37% of my leg, I have now suffered a stroke. It is apparently a rare type of stroke which occurred in the right side of my brain at the top of the brain stem. It came on slowly over several days and affects coordination and balance. I am slowly starting to regain some of the deficits that afflicted me and I wondered if there is anyone else who has suffered and recovered from a stroke? I only turned 60 at the end of November.

Can you help her? Have you or someone you know suffered from a stroke? 

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  1. Michelle, I do feel for you. No, I’ve not had a stroke but have nursed many who have, including a number who, like you, have had another hurdle to overcome previously. You don’t mention whether you have family support but I hope you’re not going it alone. Trust in your treatment team and be persistent and positive. I’ve seen many people make quite amazing progress and pray you will too.

  2. My husband had a stroke 4years ago. He has recovered nicely. At times gets a little confused and a little tired. But he is alive and happy. Stay close to the people you love.

  3. I had a stroke at aged 40 in 1993, I lost the whole left side and spent three months I hospital, it was 18 months before I was able to return to my work. I still have weakness on the left side and reduced touch and feel, I would injure my self and not feel it, I worked in glass and aluminium, the left side can’t tell the difference between hot or cold. I have had two more minor strokes but it was bad knees and a heart attack that ended my working life at 59 and now after 3 strokes and at least 3 heart attacks I am still here and I am going to live to 101.

  4. Sharon Stone had a stroke in 2001 and is now 57.
    She seems fine now. Good luck in your recovery. It must have been a nasty shock .

  5. Michelle, I am praying for you to have a complete recovery. Rely on your care team to help you. You will probably have days when you just want to give up b but as time goes by and you see yourself improving these will get less. I had a stroke 20 years ago when I was in my early forties. Apart from lack of feeling on my right side as well as a slight weakness (worse in leg than arm) I have recovered quite well. I live on my own and manage most things without help. I do need an electric wheelchair to get around but on the whole I wouldn’t change anything. All the best for your recovery. I do hope you have family or friends to enable you to get out and about

  6. I had a stroke aged 50 (caused by a severe migraine) it was a left hand stroke so it affected my right side. It took some time to recover but I was determined to get back to as normal as possible which I did the only residual effect I seem to have is that my right side is slightly weaker and I will feel any illness first in my right side. Had another minor stroke a few years ago but I am now 68 and enjoying good health. So hang in there.

  7. My brother was 53 when he had his stroke and with physiotherapy and speech therapy and a determined attitude was back on his feet after 3 months. Don’t give up always be positive and all will be well

  8. I suffered a stroke – a bleed not clot – 22 years ago. It affected my left side. I walk with a limp and have very limited use of my left arm. However, I have got by through my determination and an exploration of alternate therapies – acupuncture, Bowen, Kineseology and Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT). The principles to live by are faith, self respect, and a policy of never giving up! All the best to you.

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