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This week, a community member wrote to us asking for some community advice:

“I was at the supermarket the other day and while I was shopping, I slipped over. The floor was wet and I was the unlucky person who didn’t see it and landed on my side. I now have a large bruise from my hip down and am wondering what I should do? Should I make a fuss and contact the supermarket chain and report it? Or should I just let it be – these things happen? I’d appreciate any advice because I am still sore a week on”.

What do you think she should do? Share your answer below.

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  1. Definitely tell the staff at the store because they should have put a sign up if the floor was wet and also ,if somebody spilled something then they should have reported it to the store so this would not happen to a customer. The store has a duty of care to all of their customers and staff.

  2. Let them know though there may not be much they can do a week on. And it isn’t making a fuss. You have rights as a customer.

  3. When the accident happens let a member of the staff know. An accident report should be taken usually by management. That way you are covered if any medical attention is needed due to the accident. And yes make a fuss but at the time of the accident.

  4. Unfortunately, if you haven’t reported it to management immediately, you my have a problem. Always report any incident as soon as it happens, even though you think it’s ok. Saves anguish later. Good luck.

  5. generally speaking any claim has to be made within 24hours of an accident, and you have to see a doctor within that time as far as I know.

  6. should have reported it to staff immediately – they would have it on video – but a week later there’s a risk they’ve overwritten the tape/disk

    they have dodgy types pretending to slip’n’fall, but if yours is genuine then they have to pay – talk to the manager at the store, tell him the date and time of the slip’n’fall and ask what they can do to compensate you

    if they try to fob you off – and you have a lawyer handy, talk to them – even legal aid if you qualify.

    I knew a 65yo female who slipped twice on wet floors in Woolworths – each time she spent many days in hospital – so they have a liability.

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  7. For the sake of a bit of bruising, I would “suck it up” this time, but you must always report these incidents at the time. I’m not one of the “sue the mongrels” mob, but someone needed to be called to mop up the floor anyway.

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    • You should always report any incidents even if you don’t get hurt Later on down the track you could get repercussions from the incident and it will be on file . you should always go and get checked out by a doctor in case of internal injuries .He will also have it on file .I have been down this road with a work related injury .It pays to play safe.

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      • unfortunately these things do happen not necessarily the fault of the supermarket as customers quite often spill things and don’t tell anyone about it. i feel for you and wish you a speedy recovery but would advise you to report it immediately should it happen again as not only do supermarkets have to record all accidents but to also alert them to get it cleaned up before someone else has the same accident

  8. Let them know . And let that be the end of it

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    • That’s OK to let them know, but see your doctor as well so that he has a medical record if you suffer a fracture or any ongoing injury from this fall.

  9. I did this at a Coles store in 1993, but reported it then and there as Coles staff came over to help me up – I also had a very large bruise on my thigh – they took my information and reported it as an incident due to the fact that I might have gone the litigation road with them – anywhere you fall etc, you should report straight away as there could be ongoing medical issues for you – mad if you don’t!

  10. I slipped on a piece of cardboard from their lacking box, I was a bit sore but no damage done, I would send an email to the store so that they can review the security film, then email go head office to sad use them you never know what might pop up later, be sure to give all the details time date area etc. they were happy that I did and was happy to get an unexpected little bonus of a box of groceries.

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