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This week, a community member wrote to us asking for some community advice:

“I was at the supermarket the other day and while I was shopping, I slipped over. The floor was wet and I was the unlucky person who didn’t see it and landed on my side. I now have a large bruise from my hip down and am wondering what I should do? Should I make a fuss and contact the supermarket chain and report it? Or should I just let it be – these things happen? I’d appreciate any advice because I am still sore a week on”.

What do you think she should do? Share your answer below.

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  1. Report it immediately the store will speak to you and take it seriously. You should told them when you did it.

  2. I think you should have told them immediately. If the wet floor was not sign posted or barricaded off they would be liable for your injury. Tell them anyway.

  3. always report to the staff and management any incident that occurred where you have been injured and go straight to your doctor so that you can have proof if your injuries turn out to be serious. I slipped on grapes the staff had dropped on the floor while placing them on the shelves, they were white grapes on a pale green floor , I never even saw them. I was sore and bruised but ended up fine when I healed .I reported it, the management gave me my groceries for free and took me home

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  4. You should have complained when you first did it because now you have no comeback. They could just say you did it elsewhere

  5. You should have told them Immediately. Its a wonder someone didnt see you. It would have stopped someone else falling by telling someone to clean it up and put wet floor sign up. Sometimes its not the shops fault a customer might have dropped something wet on the floor.

  6. Pity you didn’t report it at the time.
    However, I would suggest that you go and talk to management.
    Most supermarkets have cameras situated so every area of the store can be seen. This is so they can catch shoplifters. Tell them when and what happened and take a doctors report with you.
    They may tell you that they don’t have footage of the fall; however, I can guarantee they would be able to produce it if you were trying to make a false claim.
    The main reason it needs to be reported is in case of long term injury.

  7. You should have reported it , straight away , as they have to record it , it may be to late now , unless you had a witness

  8. you could sue for a huge amount say your sex life is ruined and you don’t leave the house any more because of your ptsd OR you could put it down to an accident and get on with life .second option not that popular these days

  9. An elderly friend was telling me that she had slipped on the floor in Coles and injured her arm. She went back after seeing her Doctor and Coles were very helpful. They checked back with their CTV footage and saw the incident and even though she hadn’t reported it ( she was embarrassed I think ) Coles paid for any medical expenses, physio etc. she was more than happy with the outcome, so don’t be shy. Go and tell them.

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    • So they should pay Coles make heaps of money enough money to hire extra people to make sure floors are kept safe for people to walk On my way! and not slip over regardless of age. Age has nothing to do with it ,if a floor is slippery someone will slip on it. So wake up Coles and keep your floors clean before someone falls badly and hits their head and dies!!! Yes does and it can happen then how nice will Coles be then in court?

  10. You should have said something at the time, there would have been witnesses and a report made out. I doubt you would have any recourse a week later.

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    • actually u should have filled out an incident report form straight away .. then taken it to the drs .. u keep a copy and give the original to the supermarket…

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