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This week, community member June McLaren wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

I would like to ask if anyone has sold a property online without real estate agent involvement and if they could advise any pitfalls of selling property this way. Also if there are any online site suggestions for selling a country property.

Can you help her? What is your advice?

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  1. Our downsizer was sold privately in Perth and owner said it was very stressful but worthwhile financially. He had it on the market a long time before we bought though. A neighbour was selling privately but I noticed last week they had moved to an Estate Agent. I think Perth is easier because a buyer can’t be gazzumped, a written offer is legally binding.

  2. Funny this question has come up because this is what i am going to do…my brother sold his house without a real estate….i cant remember the site but when i do i will put it on here . .

  3. I have never sold a house but when selling a caravan I had one of the common Internet scams tried on me. Take the time to checkout the Governments Scamwatch website and other similar websites before embarking on such an exercise.

  4. We have sold our property via the internet without an agent twice now with no problems. I created my own website showing the house, describing the town, pros and cons etc. Then linked everything else (ads etc) to the website. One major problem is that you cannot list it on http://www.realestate.com.au which is where most people look on line for houses to buy (because that is run by the real estate agents and can only be used by them). Counteract this by using private sales ads on http://www.quicksales.com.au/buy/real-estate/1823/ or eBay and also on local buy swap and sell sites on facebook. Don’t forget to place an ad with a link to your site in the local paper too and on notice boards. See your conveyancer or solicitor first to get a Section 32 drawn up, make copies and give a copy of it to to anyone who is interested.

  5. Thank you all for your replies, they were helpful much appreciated. It seems a bit daunting but will give it a try!

  6. On a similar vein beware of lawyers fees, get quotes for the conveyancing don’t just go to a lawyer because you used them before.

    Also look up the term ‘lien’ translated that mean hostage, yI found out the hard way.

    I bought a place a couple of years ago, my first mistake was going to a small town lawyer, I was just lazy and went there because the old guy who was the lawyer there before he retired was a decent sort.

    I paid more than double in fees than what I should have had i done my research. When the purchase was complete, and everyone had been paid, I asked the lawyer for the deeds to my property, ‘leave them with us for safe keeping’ he advised.

    Fast forward a year and I consulted the same firm about a problem with the local council, fortunately I quickly realised the lawyer was an idiot, did not proceed with him and sorted the matter out myself.

    Paid lawyer a $120 to discus things with him and thought no more of it, until a further invoice for $500 arrived, he did nothing of any use but lawyer don’t worry about that, billable hours mean anything. I am lucky I got out when I did, another few days and the invoice would have been $2k++++

    Cut a long story short had to pay the ‘ransome’ to get my documents returned.

    So my suggestion is the only person who can be trusted to keep your documents safe is you.

    When I eventually get all my files back they will go into my own safe, I will also scan anything where a copy may be useful and story it in the ‘cloud’.

    This lawyer also has wills which are not subject to lien, problem is ‘possesion is 9/10’ths of the law’ so he would not return them either.

    As for the ‘legal services commision’ don’t start me on that mob.

    His is not the first time I have been done over by lawyers so I should have known better.

    There are many highly competent conveyancers out there.

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