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This week, community member Rick wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

I have a question to ask if those over 60s who have sold up their home to become a grey nomad, that is, “what plans do you have once you become too old or frail to continue living the life? You have no home base to return to!”

What are your thoughts? Share your answers below.

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  1. I would have to have a home to come back too.

  2. Good question Rick, I’ve often wondered about that myself what people do when they can no longer continue the nomad life… I’ll be very interested to hear the answers.

  3. After 43 yrs of nursing I plan to visit people in dementia units. I suggest some sort of volunteering would fill the hole of self first. Not that one didn’t deserve the nomadic life for a while.

  4. Perhaps there’s an opening for a great business venture – open a retirement ‘Grey Nomad’ permanent park where you could hook up your ‘home’ and stay with all the normal services linked in (eg, water, electricity etc). Then you could enjoy your later years with others of the same frame of mind – just a thought!

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  5. I wish I could help, I am not a grey nomad and the only time I asked a question about parking in here, I got told to pay for my caravan sites..umm I don’t own a caravan

  6. We are Grey nomads, have lived full time in our motorhome for nearly 3 years, we have just bought a property and our daughter will live in it, we’ve levelled the back yard so that when in Melbourne we have somewhere to stay, then down the track we will develop the site and buy something else to live in. I love this life xxxx

  7. Great suggestion of Josephine West ,what a simple answer,as are all great answers,when someone with intellect comes up with them, public servants would never think of this ,well done.

  8. Wewe did the nomad thing about 8 years ago. We rented our house out while we were gone. Met several couples in old buses who were struggling. One couple was caretaking a caravan park for free rent. One lady was struggling to get up and down the stairs.

  9. We were fortunate in the fact when we were ready to settle back down we were offered a unit in a complex of Homes West retirement units. It is in a nice area surrounded by private houses and everyone gets on with each other without getting in each others way.

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