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This week, Starts at 60 member Lindsay wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

“Has anyone attempted to ride across Australia from Perth to Melbourne? I would love to get information from you, if you don’t mind!”

Can you help him? What is your advice?

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  1. Have never ridden across the Nullabor however many years ago we drove and camped. Our children were young (about 13 & 11) and it was wonderful camping out under the stars. At that time you could camp at most of the roadhouses. If you have time it is worth staying a night or two at Eyre Bird Observatory. The turnoff is at Cocklebiddy. We had to ring ahead and book as it was very popular at that time. Fowlers Bay is another nice camp on the Bight. If you do your research you can camp at some nice places.

  2. I have even seen a bloke riding a penny-farthing…….

    A young Veteran is currently walking & pushing a cart around Australia to raise funds for & awareness of, PTSD. He is unusual in that he does not have a support vehicle, so if a wheel falls off the cart he will have to depend on the Great Aussie Spirit of helping others, especially outback of beyond!

  3. Our german friend arrived in perth , then onto his bike with saddlebags a bulging and rode all the way to near geelong , 50k away, we went and picked him up, bike and all , he was not impressed as he wished to ride all the way up our drive.At the time he was 60ish yrs old. now 80 and still rides long distances in germany. geelong from perth is a huge distance, he enjoyed it.

  4. Just decide to go and then go, the details will be worked out en-route. I left Japan on my motorbike with the intention of riding to Mongolia, now I’m in Georgia and on the way to wherever my front wheel leads me. Across Central Asia I saw dozens of cyclists intent on crossing the Pamir Highway, they were all ages including some well into their 60s.

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