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This week, Starts at 60 member Barbara wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

I am 64…if I retire what am I entitled to? My husband is only 63 so he will still work full time…can anyone give me any info?

Can you help her? What is your advice?


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  1. From what i’ve seen….we need to die as the government has our money from yrs of paying taxes and all i see is the younger generation saying how much we are going to cost them….i’m scared…just reached 60 and totally have no idea how i can afford to live

  2. Just a seniors card nothing from centerlink your husband is still working if you were single the dole is all you would get and only after you used all annual and long service leave rather bleak really but i would check with centerlink anyway

  3. Apply for everything, even if you don’t get anything at least your paperwork will be in but don’t forget to copy all you do.as they will stuff it up, I have had 19 visits to give them copies they had in the first place.

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    • Does your husband salary sacrifise. I am single and do so.I don’t know it works if you are married couples,but if you salary sacrifise, it makes a big difference to your tax on wages and what you are entitled to.

  4. Go and see Centrelink ,I found them very helpful,my husband retired ,and I was working part time and there told me about New Started ,and I revived $100 per week plus my wages ,and my husband got a part pension ,I really found them very helpful

  5. I’m now 65 and working casual hours. I have to report my hours each fortnight. My husband, a few years younger than me was retrenched in July. He has super, but Centrelink can’t use that to assess our assets until he turns 65 plus. I’m getting a part pension depending on the hours I work in the fortnight. Also received the pension card and as it has his name in it so he seems to get prescriptions cheap as well as myself. If I stop work I will get a full pension for myself and we then will have to draw on his super to make up the shortfall unless he gets work. Then I would assume I may lose the pension. Will wait and see what happens if he gets work.

  6. Barbara, Your problem is that your husband is younger than you and will still be working so you should talk to Centrelink but like me you will probably told you are not entitled to anything as long as he is working. I think they offered me $13 a fortnight!! Also your retirement age is not necessarily 65…it depends on when you were born, so you need to ask Centrelink what is your “age pension age”. In my case it was 62 and a half, however I continued to work till I was 72 – good advice if you are healthy and like your job. Centrelink have financial advisers but you need an appointment with them – not easy to get but worth waiting for. Also worth getting a good Financial Adviser outside of Centrelink for you and your husband – best thing we ever did.

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